Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nicole Sager: The Fate of Arcrea

Age Appropriate For: Ages 12 + (some mild violence)

Best for Ages: 12-18

Description: Return to the kingdom of Arcrea, where the stage is set for an epic battle between good and evil. Trenton is a young Mizgalian caught up in the deadly beliefs inspired by a life in his father’s garrison. When a simple mission in Arcrea unearths the shocking truth of a mystery two decades in the making, he is left with a choice that may decide the fate of an entire kingdom. Join old friends and new on a journey of discovery, where battling vicious beasts and conquering a coast of dragons will test the mettle of men and set the pace for an adventure like no other.

After reading the first book in this series, I was eager to read the second. So I was ecstatic when they offered it free on Kindle. I got my copy and started reading it almost immediately.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the second book as much because I quickly found out that the main characters would not be Druet and Rany. At first I was disappointed but I quickly found that Trenton and the others did very well as the focus of this story.

I love Nicole’s writing style. She is very gifted. It is books like these that make you see the value of self-publishing. It is well written, but a story that doesn’t fit into the traditional publishing box.

The faith elements in this book were as good as the first one. It is not just a good story, but on that will build your faith. Parents, I think, will especially appreciate a story that will keep their children captivated and feed their souls as well.

My thirteen year old sister read the first two books and then begged me to get her the third one. I must admit she didn’t have to twist my arm. I wanted to read it as well. I can’t wait to dive into the third book.

I highly recommend this book to youth, mild fantasy lovers, non-magical fantasy lovers, and those looking for a wonderful adventure story.

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