Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review: Ever Tear

From the Back Cover: Aside from the nagging and sometimes troubling memories and questions of his past, life for Will over the last year has been truly blessed. His relationship with Skye grows daily as he plans and prepares a future life for them. However, all he envisioned is endangered by an unexpected stranger with a shocking identity. Suddenly, Will learns more about his past than he thought he'd ever know, but it comes at a steep price when he and everyone closest to him are thrown into the middle of a dangerous plot that threatens all their lives. Every Tear, the moving sequel to The Pirate Daughter's Promise, is an example of how God never leaves our side, even in our most troubling and sorrowful moments, taking every tear into account.

After reading The Pirate Daughter’s Promise, I looked forward to reading the next book in the Pirates and Faith series. It took me a while to get around to it as I had a lot of other things on my reading list. So it was with great anticipation that I sat down and finally read Every Tear.

What I didn’t like:  My biggest complaint about this book was that it was too long for the story it contained. Toward the middle, I found myself wanting to skip pages. The story seemed to be moving to slow. I also felt like some of the story was just a repeat of The Pirate Daughter’s Promise in a different setting.

What I loved about it: I loved seeing the characters I loved from the last book continue in this on. Will and Sky being my two favorite. I loved what Molly did with their relationship. She handled everything in such a godly way, it made me wish for more books like it. I also liked that this was an adventure story. There are too few adventure stories out there and those are my favorite kind.

Overall, I think those that liked the first book will be pleased with the squeal, even with its minor flaws. I recommend Every Tear to those who liked The Pirate Daughter’s Promise and/or adventure stories.
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