Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Books by Rachel L. Burkum

Though the life of a young woman may be laced with bitterness, love from an unexpected source is waiting just around the bend. Can two hearts that seem so different find a new start together?
Be enveloped in a journey of healing hearts, conquering the shadows of the past, and learning to let the dawn shine on a new future.

A young woman takes on more than she ever dreamed in an effort to salvage a strained relationship and, quite possibly, her brother's future. It's not easy though. She's a woman in a man's world, and on top of that, she's deaf.  
A great read, this novel not only provides a touching story of forgiveness and love, but also reveals truths about deafness.

Follow the suspenseful chain of events that lead one young man on a daring ride as he discovers the key to overcoming a hurtful past. Share the tears of a young woman caught between emotion and obedience. 
Remaining true to a style of weaving Christian principles into a thought-provoking plot, experience love, suspense and truth. 

Two young lives are turned upside down through a dramatic turn of events as God works within hearts and minds to bring hope and peace. Will a stubborn ranch hand and a shy reporter ever see eye-to-eye? Will a father and son ever be reunited?
                                                  Your heart will be warmed as you read a message of God's salvation, interwoven in the drama, fear, brokenness and love.

76 thought-provoking pieces. 
Short stories. Devotionals. Poems.
Written over the course of several years, this collection is just what the title suggests: smatterings of  my writings. Some writings are old. Some are new. Styles vary from piece to piece, presenting a freshness and new perspective  on every page.
Within this book hides a passionate writer sharing the words God has given her.
You'll find some feel-good stories, tear-jerkers and articles that hit close to home.

Matthew's Bible Stories: Noah and the Big Boatis the first book in this series distributed by Deaf Missions! Join Matthew as he experiences his very first visit to Sunday School where he learns how God instructed Noah to build a big boat. You'll see animals, lots of water and even a rainbow! An important lesson is also discovered at the end of the story.

Matthew's Bible Stories: Esther is Brave is the second and newest book! This time, when Matthew goes to Sunday school, he learns about Esther, a young girl who became a queen. You'll read about a king, a bad plan, and how Esther saved her family! An important lesson is also discovered at the end of the story.

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  1. Sounds like some fun stories! That one where one of the characters is deaf especially catches my heart because in my WIP one of the main characters has sight issues.