Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book by Luke

My name is Lucy Satin, and I’m seventeen years old. I grew up in a prison for crazy people because I can see things, phantoms that nobody believes are there. But I know they’re real. I’ve always been able to see them, as long as I can remember.
That’s why my parents abandoned me.
The people here do horrible things to me, and seems like all my friends die before me. But no, not all of them. I have my true friends, who understand me. People call them the Unseen.

What would it be like to be a twelve-inch-tall girl among normal humans? To make things worse, what if you couldn’t remember who you are or where you’re from?
That’s Tierza Velvet’s problem. She woke up locked in a mailbox, and a young boy found her and took her home. Is she a faerie? She has no wings though. A freak created by science? With her new friends, Tierza has to find her past, and quickly, because an unknown poison is weakening her.
This book contains twenty fantastic illustrations by Stephen Lauser, who also did the cover art.

Warning: The recommended dose of these stories is four or five in one sitting. Overdosing may cause side effects such as dizziness, chest and abdominal pains, shortness of breath, watery eyes, and uncontrollable laughter. Reactions will vary depending on your sense of humor and possibly your body weight, though I can’t see how that would affect anything significantly.
From the humorist who unofficially dubbed himself an ‘emulator of the inimitable style of Patrick McManus’ comes a premier collection of short comical stories. Forty delightful and insightful anecdotes about life in general fill these pages, told through the eyes of a cynical, witty, and outdoors-loving country hick writer named Matt Lauser. His friends liven things up, a colorful bunch of characters ranging from the smart-alecky young Stretch Wheenie to the obtuse older Stretch Wheenie he becomes. You won’t forget Jesse Sawyer, an odorous mountain man who introduces the loveable hero to hunting, fishing, and camping. Matt’s rough country ways clash with the finer customs of city-dwellers in amusing conflicts, and his time in school is anything but boring, despite what he might tell you.
The contents of this book should be taken like aspirin…a few at a time to relieve the occasional stress-induced headache. Comic Relief should be instant.

We all have things in our past we would like to change.
A genius is near to unlocking the secrets of time travel…in his garage. If he succeeds, he will be able to undo a terrible tragedy. But he is not the only one who has a use for time travel. Soon he is embroiled in a lethal game of cat and mouse. He’s the mouse…there’s more than one cat…and everyone knows the game won’t end until somebody’s dead.
But who knows what awaits him in the past?

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