Saturday, March 31, 2012

Announcement Saturday

You still have a month to enter...

Enter to win a copy of Elisabeth Allen's new book The Abolitionist  !

Authors Added
Katie Hepner
Christina (Gerwitz)Moss
Jack Wooldridge
Rebekah Snyder

Books Added

The Teacher by Katie Hepner
The Tiphereth Trilogy by Katie Hepner (all three book are bond in one)
The Missing Link Found by Christina (Gerwitz)Moss
The Missing Link Found: Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak by Christina (Gerwitz)Moss
The Missing Link Found: The Keys to the Past: Unlocked by Christina (Gerwitz)Moss
Terror of Porridge by Jack Wooldridge
(Coming soon) Pearl's Practice by Perry Kirkpatrick
(Coming Soon) Beyond Waiting by Rebekah Snyder

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