Monday, October 14, 2019

Darcy Fornier on The Crown and the Axe

Darcy, welcome to Homeschool Authors! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Thanks so much for having me! I’m one-half Victorian, three-fourths Middle Ages enthusiast, one-third daughter of the South, one-fifth 21st-century girl, and 100% Jesus-follower. ;) I love ice cream, good stories, and deep questions. I’m the oldest of three sisters, and my goal is to be an adult without being a grown-up.

Everyone’s homeschooling experience is different. What do you think made yours unique?
My mom used a variety of curricula for my sisters and me, and I think that helped each of us develop our individual strengths. We also read tons of books, both aloud and on our own. There was definitely an emphasis on critical thinking in our education.

How did being homeschooled prepare you to write?
English was one of my favorite subjects, along with history, and being homeschooled allowed me to devote extra time to my interests. Not to mention that devouring the historical fiction I loved also counted as school. :)

What caused you to start writing?
I’ve always been a story-spinner, but I’m not good at telling stories verbally. I make much better sense when I can write things down and edit them to say exactly what I want. Plus, with all the books I read growing up, it wasn’t a long step to wanting to write stories.

What inspired The Crown and the Axe?
The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale! I got to thinking, “What if Sleeping Beauty had no magic?” I actually wrote that story first. Then I loved the characters so much I wanted to see what Phillip and Aurora’s life would be like after they wed. And thus I met Dierk, eldest son of Phillip and Zorena of Sunland (I changed the princess’s name). Dierk became the hero of the book.

Would you give us a synopsis?
From the book’s back cover:
Seventeen-year-old Dierk Lichtensitz, Crown Prince of Sunland, excels in both his physical and educational training. Not that his father is impressed, but Dierk quit trying to please him years ago.
King Phillip Lichtensitz holds high standards for his children—with good reason. So when selfish neglect on Dierk’s part leaves another squire injured, Phillip delivers strict punishment. Dierk must travel the country as a woodcutter’s son.
Resentful of his father’s decision, Dierk resolves to endure his punishment unmoved—until the tales of a long-dead witch’s power force him to reckon with himself and his God.
As the journey leads him into more danger than his father could have ever foreseen, how much will Dierk have to surrender to become the man he needs—and desperately wants—to be?

Who will enjoy The Crown and the Axe?
Readers of historical fiction, ages thirteen and up. (Some of the topics are a little heavy, so parents might want to have a peek at it before handing it to younger readers.) It’s geared toward boys, but I think girls will enjoy it too. And while it’s written for young adults, the goal was to have something that would interest multiple generations. Still waiting to see whether that succeeded or not. :)

Where can people buy your book?
And on all the other major digital platforms:

Do you plan to write more books?
For sure! Dierk’s story is the first in a series (well, technically a “novel sequence”) all set in the same fictitious medieval country. Here's hoping the next ones don't take years to reach publication. :)

Where can people connect with you online?
Website (where you can sign up for my newsletter and download a free story):

Do you have any final thoughts?
Publishing this book is a dream come true for me. A dream nine years in the fulfilling. God doesn’t grant all our wishes, but sometimes He does plant dreams in our hearts, and it is such a wondrous thing when they finally come true. So keep praying, and keep dreaming, and watch to see what the Lord does!


  1. Well done on persevering to publication!! Congratulations! :D And thanks for the encouragement! I got my idea for the novel I'm about to publish about the same length of time ago!!