Thursday, November 1, 2018

Perception Book Review

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To me, Persuasion has always felt like Jane Austen's most realistic novel. It really deals with resentment, misunderstandings, and feeling like everyone one else has it better than you. This retelling did the story justice.

This book followed the original story very closely, yet with the feel of the 30s. Some of the changes went so well. The use of make-up that is just becoming popular, the types of music people are listening to, and mentions of prohibition all lent wonderful details to the tapestry of this story. We also get a very good look at a family that was losing their money because of the crash.

Abby was such a dear. I love her heart and how she does what is right even when it was hard. She also loved purely. It is hard to find characters these days that love without hope of it being returned, without demanding their way, without lust filling them. Abby is an inspiration.

Adding a prologue to the story really added a lot to the story. We get a glimpse into Freddy’s and Abby's parting that helped me understand both of them even more. Besides, it was a great way of showing how World War I affected some of the people in the 1930's.

Freddy was very lovable, and I loved how Emily gave him so much depth. I love his relationship with his sister, his understanding of the coming war, and his kindness. There were a few scenes from his perspective that made the book sparkle.

This book, like the original, didn't really have a faith element. However, it was clean and moral. It left me feeling happy inside.

I highly recommend this book to those who like Jane Austen retellings, stories with satisfying endings, and historical fiction.

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