Saturday, November 11, 2017

Second Impressions

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Description: Jane Austen's stories have inspired writers for this collection they inspire fiction across the genres! From the English Regency to the American 1950s, in Houston or a space freighter, fairytale land or a retirement center...Austen's timeless characters come to life again.

This collection is one of the best I have ever read. Normally, you read a collection of short stories, and you end up loving one and either feeling apathetic or hating the rest. While I liked some more than others, all of these stories captured my interest.

Chocolate Surprise ~ This story got the whole thing off to an amazing start. The opening line sounds like the story is going to be off Pride and Prejudice, but you quickly realize it is more of an Emma retelling. I loved it so much!

Gently Pursued, Finally Persuaded ~ This was one of the sweetest of the whole collection. Persuasion in a nursing home? What is not to love?

The Secret of Pemberley Estate ~ This was a sequel story to Pride and Prejudice, and while interesting, is honestly one of the weaker stories. Full of imagination, adventure, and mystery, it was a bit large to be crammed into a short story. However, I still enjoyed it.

Emma’s Irritation ~ My sister wrote this, but even if she hadn’t, I think it would stand out to me. It is based on a conversation in the book Emma by Jane Austen. This was a delightful look at the youth of Emma and Mr. Knightly.

Mother’s Day ~ This was so sweet and amazingly well told for being so short.

The Mansfield ~ This is probably the most imaginative of the collection. Mansfield Park in space? It sounds farfetched, but it worked and worked well. I loved it!

Elaina  ~ This was a mild fantasy and a retelling of Emma. It was very entertaining.
Peace in the Orchard ~ This was also a mild fantasy and a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Fantasy might not be my favorite, but this was so interesting I didn’t mind at all. I loved the misunderstandings that are so classic of P&P.

Maid of Houston ~ It was hard for me to figure out which Jane Austen story this was based on, but it was interesting. Bringing in the Hispanic and modern culture while incorporating some elements from different Jane Austen stories makes this story an interesting one.

This collection has some mild violence in some stories, and I was honestly surprised at how little physical touch there was in these stories. The others seemed to capture the true spirit of Jane Austen in that everything focused on the deep emotions of the characters.

I highly recommend this collection for those who like short stories, Jane Austen, and Jane Austen fan fiction.

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