Friday, November 10, 2017

Firmament: Reversal Zone

Description: Nothing is as it should be.
After weeks of boredom, Andi is excited when the Surveyor is called upon to rescue a freighter that mysteriously vanished in uncharted space. Excitement quickly turns to unease when the ship encounters an unknown phenomenon—a cloud that appears not to exist. But with the freighter's crew in danger, the Surveyor has no choice but to venture into unknown territory.
As soon as they enter the cloud, its unstable effects wreak havoc on the ship. They're flying blind. Every piece of equipment is malfunctioning. And every member of the crew is unable to think straight or act like themselves—except Andi.
Now she's expected to guide them through the predicament with no previous command experience and no one to turn to for support. And with each passing hour, it becomes clear that if they don't escape the cloud soon—they won't escape it at all.

I have missed Andi and the rest so much. Grace, please do not make me wait so long again! Seriously though, I have been so excited to read the next part of this book, as I am for every book. I pre-ordered it and then had to listen to it on my Kindle one day as I worked on my blog.

This story has a lot more of a classic sci-fi feel to it, with a cloud that causes weird things to happen. It felt like some of the Star Trek episodes, only better, more grounded in science, and with faith to balance everything out.

I love how Andi reacts to everything she goes through. Even though she is the hero, she struggles a lot with emotions and fear. She plain doesn’t want to do some things. She is a character that I think a lot of girls can relate to as well as admire. Perhaps it was a subtle message of the story, but her willingness to do the right thing, even when it wasn’t what she wanted to do, was shown in a powerful way.

There were a couple of moments in this book where things were a bit creepy and could be disturbing for some very sensitive readers. However, I thought they were handled well and added to the strength and believability of the story.

This was a strong, powerful, and exciting installment in the Firmament series. My big complaint? It left me really needing the next book in the series. I am going to be bugging the author until the next book is out, as I really need to know what happens.

I highly recommend this to those who enjoy sci-fi, reluctant heroes, and strong writing.

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