Friday, February 17, 2017

Book Review: Finding Joy

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Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild romance
Best for Ages: 15 and up
Description: Sometimes, what looks like a dead end, is really a new beginning. 
A horrific accident changed everything for Parker Wilson. Unable to find solid footing in his disrupted life, he returns to his family's ranch, a place he thought he'd left behind for good. The scars on his face are a daily reminder of all he's lost, yet his mom still insists he needs to stop hiding and live his life again. The beautiful new employee she hires is the last thing he needs, despite his mom's best intentions, and he'll do whatever it takes to make the girl quit and regain the peace and quiet he prefers. 
Nothing short of desperation would force Chelsea Blake to work on a local cattle ranch. But if she's going to avoid her parents' judgment when they arrive in three weeks, she must turn the temporary job into a permanent one. Between dodging mud, feeding longhorn cattle, and dealing with a handsome boss who keeps giving her the cold shoulder, staying gainfully employed is proving to be a challenge. Chelsea may not be cut out for ranch life, but her determination to succeed is stronger than Parker's efforts at forcing her to leave.  
Unprepared to discover all they have in common, if they set aside their initial dislike, they just might find joy beyond measure.

I like deep books that make me think and inspire me. However, every once in a while it is nice to take a break and read something that is just light and fun. Finding Joy is one such book. I received a copy for review and curled up on a sick day to read. It was a good companion that left me feeling happy.

The setting was one that I know well, as I live in central Texas and we actually have a longhorn farm not too far from us. The author, I am happy to say, knew her stuff and took some time to give the reader a little of an education, without making it obvious that was what she was doing.

Both Chelsea and Parker were lovable and believable characters. They each have their own issues and struggles that help the reader feel connected to them. However, none of those issues are weird or so heavy that they keep the book from being enjoyable.

The romance was very sweet and not to overdone. Personally I thought there was one scene where Parker had his shirt off that wasn’t great, but the author didn’t go overboard, so it wasn’t an issue. The kisses were not drawn out to the point I was rolling my eyes or felt embarrassed. They were sweet, and then the characters moved on.

The faith aspect was there. It was not a major part of the story, nor do I think the story would have been the same without it. It felt as if it was just part of the normal rhythm of life, which is a good thing.

Overall, I thought the book was nice. I look forward to picking up more books by this author.

I recived this book in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review. All the thoughts are entirly my own.

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