Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: Coffee Cake Days

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Description: Meg has finally graduated and has the time she’s dreamed of for months: time to “sit at the feet of Jesus” and soak up His Word as she seeks what future plans He has for her. 
She soon runs into a problem: her family. Unwanted interruptions and household duties tear her away from the time she longs to spend in the Bible. Journey with her as she strives to learn the balance of spending time in God’s Word and applying it to her daily life.

This is the best type of story: one that you can see yourself reflected in and which causes you to ask some hard but important questions. In the space of these few short pages, Tero pulled me into Meg’s world and made me feel what she felt.

Meg felt so real, and her struggles quickly draw you in. I found myself getting upset with her and then realizing that I am often guilty of the same mistakes that she is. It was one of those stories. The rest of her family, although we don’t spend much time with them, is still well written.

Many of the emotions and issues facing Meg are things I think a lot of home school graduates face who are staying home, to varying degrees. The story and the setting I think many will find easy to relate to.

I highly recommend this to teenagers in large families, home school grads living at home, and anyone who likes a good short story.

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