Monday, May 9, 2016

Rachelle Rea on The Sound of Emeralds

Rachelle, what have you been up to lately?
I just released my third book, The Sound of Emeralds, the end of the Steadfast Love series on April 15th. And on April 3rd I got engaged to the only man I've ever met with the same first name as my fictional hero! (I didn't know him at the time I wrote these books years ago, so that makes it even funnier!)

Congratulations on your recent engagement! Have you picked a theme for the wedding?
Thank you! We have! The Beauty and the Beast fairytale is our very favorite, so there will be lots of books at our reception! And we're having a dessert bar reception, yum!

What have you been reading?
I'm reading Roseanna M. White's The Reluctant Duchess right now, and I highly recommend it. Roseanna's books are always favorites, and that's not just because she's also my editor. ;)

What has been the hardest part of writing The Sound of Emeralds?
A lot happens in Book Three that I didn't see coming and even tried somewhat to change, but the characters insisted on telling their true story. Fun fact: Books One and Two took me three and six months to write. This third book took me a y-e-a-r. It took a lot out of me but I'm so pleased with the way it turned out.

What has been the easiest part?
I know the characters well, by now. In fact I was cautioned by my amazing editorial team at WhiteFire to be careful to still acclimate new readers to the cast of characters. I know very well by now that Dirk's hair is red and which of his sisters isn't very nice, but my readers need to be reminded! :)

Which character are you most like?
Margried. She's strong in different ways from Gwyn. She's thoughtful and quiet and kind, and I relate the best to her. Gwyn I modeled after my mom, who is way cooler and brassier and braver. But they need each other. ;)

Have you had a single moment that made all the work for the series worth it?
Every single time I read a review or an email or a message or listen to someone say they loved the book because it inspired's always been worth it because I write for God, but when He shows me how He's using these books to glorify Him, you can't beat that.

Where can people buy The Sound of Emeralds?
Wherever books are sold!

Barnes & Noble:
Amazon Paperback:
Books a Million:

What is next for you?
My next project is Top Secret and I do have a wedding to plan this summer, but I can't wait to share it! :)

Where can people go to keep up with you?
I love social media and old-fashioned email (be on the lookout for these handles to switch over to my married name after my wedding day on June 11th!) :
Instagram: @RachelleDianeRea
Amazon Author Page:


  1. So honored to be here! Thanks for having me, Sarah! :)

  2. What an awesome interview! Rachelle, I can't believe you are using Beauty and the Beast and BOOKS(!!) as inspiration in your wedding... how fun! :)

  3. Thanks, Tarissa!! It was my fiance's idea--he's pretty wonderful. :)