Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Summer Reading lists part 2

Katie Daniels

(Caption reads: Sir Kindle destroys the competition.)

It is impossible for me to make a list of books I plan to read this summer, because I would never follow any kind of list. My to-read shelf keeps growing because, instead of reading books off of it, I get distracted by the library, by Kindle Unlimited, by something one of my siblings have. I chase after every shiny cover and title that catches my eye, and abandon any coherent reading plan I might have started with. I flit from book to book like a butterfly, and try not to get lost.

I also read a lot on Kindle, which is difficult to photograph. I'm at least twice as likely to read a book I own as an ecopy than I am one that is in print. This is because my kindle lights up in the dark. My print book does not. I prefer to buy print books, though. They're both cheaper and more...bookish. So which one will ultimately win out?

Here are a few books I'm reasonably certain I will get read this summer, however. Here they are.

Discovering the Essential Universe—because I need it for college.
If the Earth Had Two Moons—because it's by the author of the above textbook, and I want the geek cred for having read it.
Shadows—by Robin McKinely—because I bought it so that I could read it and read it now and I just...haven't got to it yet.
The Island of the Mighty—because I'm already halfway through the Song of Rhiannon and I love it and see no reason why I won't finish out the series.
The Runaway King—because it will come from the library and be on a deadline and I loved the False Prince sooooo much.
The Day Before, by Liana Brooks. Most likely. Probably. One of these days. I'm trying, really.
A Supervillain in King Arthur's Court—because I'm currently writing it and really, really, really hope to finish before the summer is over.
All the Hugo nominations I can lay my hands on—because they give them to me for free, and because I vote in them, which kind of means having to read them first.

And that's just a dent in the mountain. I've already read 74 books this year, and the best reading months are still ahead. Yay books!

Kelsey Bryant
Looking at my summer schedule, I'm afraid these books may have been stacked with wishful thinking ... but it's something to shoot for!

1. Least of All Saints - Grace Irwin
2. The Patch of Blue - Grace Livingston Hill
3. Rainbow Cottage - Grace Livingston Hill
4. The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins
5. The Gammage Cup - Carol Kendall
6. BOY: Poems - Sarah Watson
7. Caught Up in a Story - Sarah Clarkson
8. Be Thou My Vision - Faith Blum
9. The Writing Life - various authors
10. The Great Depression: America in the 1930s - T. H. Watkins
11. From the Dark to the Dawn - Alicia A. Willis
12. A Commentary on the Jewish Roots of Romans - Joseph Shulam

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