Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nicole Sager: The Isle of Arcrea

The Isle of Arcrea (The Arcrean Conquest, #3)

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Age Appropriate For: Ages 12 and up for mild violence

Best for Ages: 12-18

Description: Subject to the designing rule of evil men, one island's future rests in the hands of an Arcrean. Lady Meredith of Gilbrenor seeks help from the borders of Arcrea in a desperate attempt to rescue her son from the clutches of Lord Brock and to claim his rightful legacy. When Falconer undertakes the seemingly simple mission and travels to the isle with Meredith and her two young daughters, he is unprepared for the painful memories from his own past that wait to confront him on the distant shores. Seth is a simple Arcrean shepherd whose worries are few and far between. When the discovery of a costly heirloom starts him on a quest of justice, it quickly becomes a journey that will test the strength of his faith and unlock the truth of his life?s purpose. A lost parchment, a devastating secret, and an evil lord who seeks their ruin. Will the puzzle of Gilbrenor be solved and her future secured before it is too late?

My youngest sister got through theses book much faster than I did. After she finished the second book, she begged me to buy her the last book. So, I bought her the third book, using her as my excuse to buy the book I really wanted to read.
To be honest, the prolog at threw me at first. I was ready to get right back to the characters I loved but I was being taken back in time and then, I was being introduced to a whole new cast. With that said, it didn't take me long to get into the new story.

One of the things I love about Nicole's style is the weaving of the threads of the story. From the very beginning you are following two or more stories that seem to have no relation but in the end are pulled together to give you a complete story.
Falconer and his interaction with Lady Meredith's youngest daughter was by far my favorite part of the book. Who can resist a sweet little girl melting the heart of a warrior? It was so sweet to read.

As with her other books, there is lots of adventure. Since I love adventure books, this was perfect. The story keeps you turning pages until the very last one.

I highly recommend this whole series and I can't wait for Nicole's next book.

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