Monday, September 9, 2013

Interview with Ashton Sweeney

Ashton, welcome to Homeschool Authors! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi, Sarah, thank you for this opportunity. Well, I'm a recent homeschool graduate, the second in my family.
I love animals, especially dogs and I enjoy reading, photography, drawing, organizing, learning Spanish and Indonesian, and of course, writing. I am very serious about my faith in Jesus Christ. I want others to know Him and I feel called to serve Him in another land. Therefore, I pray I will become a missionary to some country in Central or South America. 

What is your favorite part of being homeschooled?
That is a tough question! I love a lot about it. Probably for its flexibility and NO peer pressure. I can study at my own pace and study the subjects I excel in. 
How did being homeschooled effect your writing?
Honestly, it probably gave me more time to write. I didn't have a busy schedule (like I would in public school) so I had more time to write. Plus my mom counted it as English so that was great. 
What caused you to start writing.
After watching The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for the first time when I was fourteen, I began thinking about wanting to write a story. Not really like C.S Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, but something different and unique. During some sort of school work for history class (that I don't remember), I got inspired to start writing a book. It was then I penned my first novel, The Kingdom of Gemstone. 

What inspired you to write Amber's Quest?
 My imagination. Seriously!  I've always had a wild imagination, but in 2010 I began thinking of another book idea. I love medieval fantasy and wanted to create a book with a young maiden who goes on this quest... Which leads me to the next question!

What is it about?
It is, like I mentioned above, about a young maiden who was once a peasant, becomes a Royal Lady in the palace in my city of Scarlet. She then is thrust into an adventure to save the people and king of Wyvern. But I can't say anymore, because I might give it all away! 
Where can people purchase it?
They can purchase it only on for now. I hope on getting extended distributing when my other books come out. (Extended distributing will allow people to purchase it on Barnes & Nobles, etc.) 
Who do you think will enjoy it?
Mostly mature 14 year-olds and up. I do have some romance in it, thus it might not be so great for a younger audience. 

If someone really enjoys Amber's Quest, what other books would you recommend?
I would recommend other medieval fantasy books such as IronHeart and The Iron Spear by Victoria Kasten and The Kingdom Series & The Knights of Arrethtrae by Chuck Black. All these I enjoy immensely.

Do you have any final thoughts?
I believe God gave me my talent or gift of writing, and I intend on using it for His glory. For as it says in 1 Corinthians 10:31, Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

And that is my prayer to the readers of this interview (and authors as well). To use all your talents, gifts, and abilities to the honor and praise of the One who gave them to you. 
If you want to read my blog or know more about my upcoming books, go to:  my personal blog and my writer's website.

Thank you, Sarah, for allowing me to be in this interview! God bless!


  1. She sounds awesome; I'm going to have to read her books now!

  2. Your book sounds very interesting!

    However, I'd like to point out that CreateSpace's expanded distribution channel only covers one book and if you have multiple books you have to buy it individually for each, something I learned the hard way! Also, I didn't really get any sales off it, so unless you're a big name that bookstores will scarf up, I don't recommend it. I do, however, recommend putting out a Kindle version, which is incredibly easy. Readers are much more likely to take a risk on a kindle version if they aren't sure if they'll like it or not than they are to buy a paperback.

    But keep up the good work! I love Christian fantasy and your book sounds really good!