Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Books by Charissa Lees

Kiliki: She’s a girl on the run. Her parents have sold her hand in marriage. She feels her single hope is to run for her life with only her prayers to guide her. Her life has been one of lies, with a past far different from anything she ever imagined for herself. Now she must come to terms with her new identity. Is there no one she can trust? Tommy: He is the hated Black Panther, a pirate, a rouge, a man of title, and captain of the Guardian Star, the fastest ship on the ocean. He is on a quest to secure his inheritance and avenge his father’s death. The last thing he needs is the distraction of her. They come from separate parts of the land with very separate goals and ideals, yet God has marked them to travel together. Can they fulfill their goals without each other or will they end up needing one another more than either can foresee? Only the true Guardian Star knows.

Did you ever have the capability to destroy a world simply because you knew it existed? Or perhaps you’ve had to choose between your family in one world or your very survival in another? These were the matters that I had to deal with when I fell into and lived in Little Sherwood. It was then that I discovered a new world with limitless possibilities and a life I had lived but never knew existed. I have memories, abilities, and feelings from this unknown life and the only thing I brought with me is the one way to destroy Robin Hood. I don’t know the answers anymore. There are no guarantees in this life, always has no meaning to me, and perhaps far worse, my head and my heart are becoming entwined in Lil’ Sherwood. My name is both Kristy and Leia and this is my story.

The Taldek Heroic Tales are a collection of adventurous stories of three heroes in the fantasy Taldek time line as they fight to save their country and friends from spies, warring kingdoms, and dragons. Caleb will betray a friend to save the girl from the conniving count and his country from destruction. Jamie will buck the status quo save a dragon she believes in, even when only one will stand by her side. Elizabeth is the only one available to go to Dragon Valley and save not only them, but her own home as well, at least, as long as that man doesn't get in her way. Follow Caleb, Jamie, and Elizabeth as their personal adventure becomes your own and proving that anyone can be the star of their own story.

This is a whimsical short story exploring where dreams are created. In an unknown world, Grace is drawn to a dark mountain by a song she hears only inside her. No one that she meets is who they seem and answers are always elusive. Now, she must plunge into the heart of the mountain and the sky above to discover her true destiny in a world where dreaming is everything.

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