Thursday, May 17, 2012

Books by Sarah Holman

Destiny – it's a word that plagues Maria Morris. What does God want her to do with her life? Should she go to college or does God have other plans for her? When her parents go missing during a business trip, Maria embarks on a quest that will change her life forever. Trying to fight against an overbearing Milky Way Government, Maria travels to earth in search of a lost prince and some crown jewels. Her faith is tested, however, when a new law is passed. Will Maria be able to find her parents and the crown jewels before it's too late? Is she strong enough to stand up for her faith even if it means never seeing her family again? Most of all, will Maria discover her true Destiny?

On her quest to find the crown prince, Maria Morris faces an abundance of obstacles. Now a marked Christian, it will be difficult and dangerous for her to travel. The USF follows her every move. (as the vibrating chip in her arm irritatingly reminds her.) Yet knowing all of this, Maria puts her trust in God and, with the help of a few new friends, refuses to give up her mission. She must find the crown prince. The Destiny Of A Few depends on it.

The Destiny of a Galaxy (coming soon)
Cover coming soon...

 One Girl, One Galaxy, One God…
“I’m just an ordinary girl, thrown into some extraordinary circumstances.”
Time Has Passed…
Three years have come and gone since Maria Morris found the crown jewels and the farmer-boy-prince. The Followers are now going strong. Wyndemere’s empire is cracking at the seams as unrest rises and the Legatee orchestrates the planning of the Rebellion.
Danger Has Not Disappeared...
The overthrow of the tyrannical regime seems imminent, but Maria’s role as the “woman who started it all” is not widely known. So why is she plagued by an ominous foreboding of approaching danger?
Neither Has Hope…
Promise floats in the air, the promise of better lives, of breathing in freedom. Many around her seem to find happiness, even as the tension starts to spiral toward a breaking point. But Maria flounders, feeling unneeded, out of place. She returns to the question: What does Maria Morris want to do with her life? What is her destiny…now?
Rendered Powerless, Maria Must Make A Painful Choice…
One That Will Alter the Future of The Galaxy Forever.
When James invites her to headquarters and Maria starts to take seriously her role among The Followers, tragedy strikes and her worst nightmares come true. The enemies she had thought long gone are capable of far more than she imagined. Will she have the courage to stand for what she believes in, no matter the cost to her and those she loves? Will she have the strength to surrender her dreams when all seems lost and she can do nothing at all?

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