Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other book by Rachel Starr Thomson

Taerith (The Romany Epistles)

Taerith Romany, banished from his home by a cruel guardian, is a gentle warrior with a poet’s soul. Traveling west in search of work, he falls in with a group of circus performers who hope for good fortune at the upcoming wedding of a local king—a spoiled, selfish tyrant who is starving his people and undermining his own monarchy. 
When Taerith rescues a beautiful young woman from bandits on his way to the castle, he finds himself deep in circumstances he did not want. Because the young woman, Lilia, is the future queen—and though he cannot love her, neither he can bring himself to abandon her to life as Annar’s bride without a friend.
Vowing to help Lilia in any way he can, Taerith takes up his role as a soldier and servant in the household of Annar. Their destinies quickly become intertwined with that of Mirian, a slave girl with a mysterious past and a fierce pride that cannot be quenched, who is forced into service as Lilia’s maid. 
As Mirian and Lilia form an unlikely friendship, Taerith discovers more about the threats overshadowing them all: Annar’s rule is only a knife’s edge from slipping, and Taerith must fight alongside the king’s brother to combat starvation, invasion, and a death cult that wants Lilia’s life.
In a land of fog and fens, unicorns and wild men, Taerith stands at the crossroads of good and evil, where men are vanquished by their own obsessions or saved by faith in the higher things of loyalty, love, and the haunting call of a winged god.
Taerith, a gripping adventure at the crossroads of good and evil, is one the Romany Epistles, a multi-author online writing project about nine siblings who are banished from their home and each other and must find their way—and their God—in an unfriendly world.

Theodore Pharris Saves the Universe 
Eight-year-old Theodore Pharris lives an incredibly boring life until the day he accidentally shoots a spaceship out of the sky with his slingshot. Discovering a crackpot alien plot to blow up the universe, Theodore, his quirky adult friends, and his faithful dogs Balfour and Breck launch out on a mission to save . . . well, everyone.
From the local planetarium to the local jail, from the veterinarian’s office to the far-flung reaches of space, Theodore’s adventures put his wits, his size, and his friendships to the ultimate test. Along the way, important questions are raised: Why is King Marvin called “The Nasty”? Will Edgartina Richards ever get a driver’s license? And how much can Jenny Fowler fit in that purse, anyway?
Being the good guys, they’re almost certain to win. The question is, can they do it in time?
Pieces of Grace (And What They Mean)

Poetry and short stories exploring the dimensions of grace -- peace, deliverance, and justice. Based on three ballet/spoken word compositions performed by Rachel Starr Thomson and Carolyn Currey of Soli Deo Gloria Ballet during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled
What do you get when you throw 20 children, four parents, several cross-country trips, and a sense of humour between the covers of one book? Lots and lots of big family fun that will tickle the funny bones and warm the hearts of your entire clan. Rachel Starr Thomson is the oldest of twelve children. Carolyn Currey, her second cousin, is the oldest of eight. Not only are their families huge, they also homeschool! Drawing on some of their favourite memories, Rachel and Carolyn have written a book of essays that will make you laugh, think, and thank God for family.

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