Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Review: Tales for the Heartily Homeschooled

By Sarah Holman

Recommend for: Homeschoolers, families, all ages, big families, those looking for a humorous read

From the back cover:
What do you get when you throw 20 children, four parents, several cross-country trips, and a sense of humor between the covers of one book? Lots and lots of big family fun that will tickle the funny bones and warm the hearts of your entire clan. Rachel Starr Thomson is the oldest of twelve children. Carolyn Currey, her second cousin, is the oldest of eight. Not only are their families huge, they also homeschool Drawing on some of their favorite memories, Rachel and Carolyn have written a book of essays that will make you laugh, think, and thank God for family.

I was sick and couldn’t sleep, so I pulled out a book that I had gotten off one of my favorite sites PaperBackSwap.  I kept my sister Rose up with my laughter.  I couldn’t help it!  This book kept me in stitches.  Until I finished it about three hours later and was finally able to go to sleep.

This book by Rachel Thompson and Carolyn Curry was an excellent collection of real life humor of a large, homeschooling family like my own.  Many of the stories ended with moral or lesson being taught, but wasn’t preachy.  This book is at the top of my great-gift-book list.  Yes, some of my friends might get a copy for their birthday or Christmas.

What I liked about the book:
I love reading stories from real life.  Humorous stories are some of my favorite to read. The stories were told in such a real, relatable way that I felt like I was in the living room with these two girls, listening to them recount these stories.

This was a very easy and quick read. I was able to read it in two or three hours, but it didn’t feel too short.

What I didn’t like about it:

I encourage you to buy this book and sit down and read it someday when you need a good laugh.

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