Saturday, March 17, 2012

Announcement Saturday; Free Books and a Contest

Blog Updates
On the book list, under each others name, you can now see the genres the write.

Would you like a free book by a homeschool author?  No this is not a trick question.  This is from Perry: 
FREE BOOK!!! Follow the link and enter code: NC32W and get this book free! (Expires March 31, 2012) Read more about this book and others by yours truly at Parry Elizabeth

Click on the picture to get The Heavens Declare for free!

You can also get Charissa Lees Dream Mountain for free
Cover for 'Dream Mountain' 

Authors Added
Charissa Taylor Lees

Books Added
Dream Mountain by Charissa Lees (Fantasy)
(Coming Soon) Peter's Angel by Aubrey Hansen (Historical Fantasy)
(Coming soon) The Destiny of a Galaxy by Sarah Holman (Science Fiction)
(Coming soon) The Abolitionist by Elisabeth Allen (Historical Fiction)
(Coming Soon) Plague of Darkness by Hannah Mills (Historical Fiction)
The Guardian Star's True Mark by Charissa Lees (Fantasy)
Lil' Sherwood by Charissa Lees (Fantasy)
Taldek's Heroic Tales byCharissa Lees (Fantasy)

Do you like to review books?  Share you reviews with others by posting them to 
your blog and linking up at the end of March of Books on YLCF

Link them every month of In the Bookcase

Featured Book
Just Like You by Elizabeth Allen

Homeschool Author Anne Elisabeth Stengl is having an art contest.

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