Hire Homeschooled Authors

Thanks to Allison Hawbaker for getting this list started

Aelsa Butler
Offers: Proofreading
             Cover design
             Graphic design
             Social Media Marketing

Kelsey Bryant
Offers: Copyediting

Abigayle Claire
Offers: An early draft manuscript edit (line and content combo)
             A final draft manuscript edit (line and content combo)
             Blurb critique
             Proofreading (papers/assignments)

Rachelle Rea Cobb
Offers: Content editing
             Line editing

Jessica Greyson
Offers: Cover Design
            Graphic Services

Allison Hawbaker
Offers: Content editing
             Line editing
             Book reviews

Sarah Holman
Offers: New Author Consulting
             Kindle formatting

Offers: Proofreading
             Copy Editing
             Content Editing
             Cover Design
             Print and eBook Formatting
            Graphic Design

Rachel Rossano
Offers: Cover Design
            Book formatting
            ebook formatting
            Book trailers
            Business Cards
           and more

Alicia A. Willis
Offers: Manuscript edit
             Publication guidance consultation
             Kindle publishing consultation
             Publicity campaign
             Press release
             Website assistance

Willowy Whisper
Offers: Cover Design

T. Marie of ChristianProofreaders.com
Offers: Proofreading

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