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Books by Hannah Mills

Take This

She bumped into someone today while walking down the street. But this wasn't some random encounter, and it wasn't the random collision of two lives. Find out what can happen when one person takes the time to do something as simple as buying a stranger a cup of coffee. 

Called, Book 1 in The Arindraen Series
Eleven years ago her life was shattered. Her parents, ruthlessly torn from their children, paid the ultimate price for what they believed.

The year is now 1193 A.D. and Victoria lives with her twin brother and guardian; poor peasants, but content. Then one day everything changes when a knight from a neighboring country brings news that will forever alter the course of their lives.

Now they are pursued and hunted by two of the most powerful men in the countries of Dakron and Arindrae combined. Has God called her to this? Tori doesn't know. All she knows is that turning back is not an option. The past of those before her drives Victoria into a life not of her choosing...on a journey where only God knows the ending.

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Give a Warm Welcome to...

Hannnah Mills!!

My PhotoThank you for coming to Homeschool Authors today Hannah, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Hannah Mills and I am a senior in highschool. I live with my family of seven, and have four brothers, all of whom are younger than myself. I recently started my own website/blog, Sword of Ink. The most important thing about me is that I am a Follower of Christ. My ultimate end-goal in writing is to honor Him and spread Truth.

In 2009, I started writing seriously when my mom suggested that I try out the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. At first I didn't like that idea--I didn't want anybody telling me how to write! But I looked at a sample lesson and fell head over heels in love with it. OYAN has completely changed my life and revolutionized my writing. I would very highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys writing fiction. Before OYAN, I'd dabbled in writing, especially in poetry.

Since 2009, I've self-published one novel, am almost ready to publish a second, have two more waiting to be editing, another being currently written, and quite a number of other ideas waiting in the wings, along with various short-stories and a lot of poetry.

As of early 2011, I also started writing for the new, free e-magazine for Christian teen authors, Kingdom Pen. A friend of mine (whom I met via OYAN) started the magazine and I've been on board from its initial start-up.

 I am definitely right-brain dominate, because math is sometimes my worst enemy. If I have the time, I'll read a 300-400pg book in one day. My bookcase is crammed, and while I don't have an all-time favorite genre, some of my most-loved genres are Historical Fiction, Mystery, and Thriller/Legal Thriller. I also like old books, and one of my absolute favorite books was written in the 1800's. One of my favorite authors is Tim Downs, author of The Bug Man novels.  

When I'm not writing, you'll find me working on school, reading, riding horseback, doing some form of photography or art, spending time with friends and family, listening to music, bargain shopping, and drinking good coffee.

What is your favorite part of being homeschooled? 
I would have to say that my favorite part of homeschooling is the flexibility. Up until last year when I (not my mother) began having a panic attack over my looming graduation, I had been given a lot of time to pursue and develop the interests and talents God has given me instead of being forced to study X, Y, and Z excessively at the expense of other subjects that I have more inclination for.

                                                           What caused you to start writing?
It's either 1, because I've always loved writing, 2, a God-Thing, or 3, both. I remember reading my first chapter book by myself when I was around six years old, and I've been a hopeless book-addict ever since. Books are my friends. I've been writing little bits of poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember, and three, almost four, years ago is when my writing really exploded. When you have something to say, what better way to say it than through the written word?

Tell us a little bit about your books. 
Okay, sure. Called and Plague of Darkness are the first two books in The Arindraen SeriesCalled should be read first, even though Plague of Darkness is its prequel.
Called follows the story of young Victoria "Tori", a peasant girl growing up under the heavy-handed ruling of Mirus, king of Dakron. Tori had always thought she and her twin brother were nothing more than peasants, but her life is turned upside-down upon the arrival of the knight Cedric de Kaspia and his squire.
Plague of Darkness is about Teague Sparhaouc, a tall redhead with a burning desire for freedom, justice, and family. He wants nothing more than to escape from the illegal slavery that holds him captive, and to find and rescue his siblings who are held in the same dark chains. One thing leads to another until his dreams are shattered into pieces, and the one possibility for fixing them might demand more trust in a stranger than he is willing to give.
Where can people buy your books?
At the moment I am looking into a way I might be able to make them available on Amazon. Right now they can be found on, but because of the Amazon possibility, the best place to get links to my books is from my website.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to write a book?
Read, read, read. You can't be a good author unless you read a lot.

Know your plot line. Yes, some of us can write by the seat of our pants, but I really wouldn't recommend that for a first-time novelist. I would suggest brainstorming and writing down your brainstorms as they come, then piece together an outline. It doesn't have to be detailed; it can be nothing more than "Chapters 1-6: Hero's sister is accused of murder and Hero sets out to prove her innocence. When Hero goes to investigate, his car blows up, his house is broken into, and his laptop stolen--the laptop with all his evidence notes. et cetera.

Theme is important. The theme can be anything from Trust God with your life to Being a stuntman without training will get you killed, but whatever it is, make sure it's good, solid, and works for your book.

Research! You can't be afraid of research.

If you are serious about writing, I'd say, get the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.
Find one or two other writers and/or critical, honest readers that will give you honest feedback on your work, then take their suggestions seriously.

Practice! Your first draft will stink. That's what revising is for. But don't give up, and write, write, write.

Do you have any final thoughts?
God gives everyone gifts, and if your gift is in the writing field, wow. You have so much power! The pen really is mightier than the sword, so with that gift comes a lot of responsibility. Words have caused wars and created peace, saved lives and taken lives, advanced cultures and destroyed cultures.

So be careful, but don't be afraid. Write Truth in love. This nation--this world--needs Truth, and it needs writers who stand on the Truth and proclaim it.

I know a lot of Christian teen authors, and I'm telling you, this upcoming generation of novelists/journalists/screenwriters/poets/etc. is going to rock our world! It is so exciting to see so many young people like myself who love to write, who have a gift for it, using it to honor God and spread the Truth. Don't let anyone discourage you. Just keep writing.

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Announcement Saturday; Duct-tape and Beads

This Week on Homeschool Authors...

Authors Added
Mark and Steven Erickson
Julia Erickson
Ellyn Gibbs
Bethany Faith
Katie Comstock

Books Added
Torn Heart by Ellyn Gibbs
Moonbeam by Katie Comstock
The Battle Book by Mark and Steven Erickson
The Greco-Roman Book by Mark and Steven Erickson
The Barbarian Book by Mark and Steven Erickson 
The Armored Glove Book by Mark and Steven Erickson
The Throwing Axe Booklet by Mark and Steven Erickson

Fun Freebies

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Books Complied by Amy Wiley

[cover thumbnail]

An immigrant and her young daughter, struggling to reach their dream…a special needs child, searching for hope…a newly released ex-con, seeking forgiveness. They have one thing in common—they’re about to be touched by God in a way they never imagined.

All through a simple postcard.

Brought up in a strict Muslim home in London, Sulafa has recently experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Now, despite fear of discovery and its consequences, she knows she has to spread the good news. In an act of bravery, she sends out postcards with a single message: Let me pray for you. Her simple postcard request impacts lives and brings hope in the midst of hopelessness.

Struggle Creek

This mystery story about a small Tennessee town was created with 27 authors from all over the US, plus Canada and Australia. Each author wrote a chapter from the viewpoint of a different town member, but all the chapters tie together to make one novel. Come join the lives of the children who stumbled upon a strange dome in the woods, the new Deaf boy who's found himself caught smack in the middle of a dangerous mystery, the sheriff who is trying desperately to keep his town safe, and the actors trying to give the town hope. These are just a few of the delightful Struggle Creek residents who may seem a little familiar to those who know the authors, since we've given the characters a touch of ourselves.

To find works that Amy as contributed to as well as future projects click here

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Interview with Amy Wiley


First, tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
I am Amy Michelle Wiley, a lover of words and people, languages and cultures. These passions have led to my work as a professional sign language interpreter at my church and a community college and as a freelance author. I was honored to be homeschooled K-12 and graduated in 2000. My home in the Pacific Northwest is surrounded with the beauty and inspiration of God's creation. I am disabled and learning to find joy despite constant health issues. My online nickname, Sparrow, is a reminder to me from Matthew 10:29-31 that God cares about each tiny detail of our lives. Check out my website at
You are the director of Peculiar People. What is that?
Peculiar People (PeP) is an international collaborative fiction group. Since I founded it in 2005, almost 100 authors from seven or eight countries have submitted stories for consideration in our projects. The point of PeP is to bring fiction stories alive by letting a different author focus on each separate character to give them a unique personality, and in doing so, touch readers hearts with the love and care of God. I chose the name Peculiar People because of the Titus 2:13-14 passage which describes God's people as a peculiar people, set aside for good works. Plus it has a fun double-meaning because we writers tend to be pretty unusual and a bit odd!

What books have Peculiar People written?
To date we have two books published, Struggle Creek and Delivered. Struggle Creek is a small town mystery. Each chapter is told from the view-point of a different town member and written by a different author, slowly unfolding clues to the mystery. Delivered is a collection of short fiction stories about postcards that have been sent throughout the world offering, "Let me pray for you." Each story tells of someone who found a card and how letting a stranger pray for them influenced their lives. It also follows the story of the young lady who sent out the postcards as an act of bravery as she stepped from her Muslim past and embraced Christ as her Savior.

We also currently have the rough draft completed of an Heirloom Chronicles story, I Will Be Found, which follows a fictional box Jesus carved as it is passed down through history. Another project is in the writing phase: the as-yet-untitled Orphan Plane book, which puts a twist on the real-life 1800's orphan trains. This story is set in the future and the orphans are being sent to new homes on a space station.

Where can people buy the books by Peculiar People?
They can be bought through our website,, or from many online bookstores such as Amazon. Delivered is also available as an a-book.

What was your most memorable homeschool project?
Perhaps it isn't a project exactly, but I really enjoyed a homeschool choir/singing school I was in during high school, Cathedral Choirs. We learned music theory and voice techniques as well as getting to give performances in churches and even nursing homes and other special events. I learned so much about how to better use my voice and love for music for God's glory.

I understand you have written and published some short stories. Tell us about them.
I've had nearly 70 short stories and articles published in various anthologies and magazines. Though I dabble in all genres, fiction is my favorite because I think God can use it to touch people's hearts in a special way. I especially love to take a true story and fictionalize it to make it come alive, and have written a number of Biblical fiction stories and ones based on current events. Lately I've also been trying my hand at writing devotionals, and contribute regularly to a daily devotional blog,

Where can people get them?
Many of my stories can be read on my website, I'm also working on a collection of short stories that I hope to eventually publish.

What keeps you writing?
I've been a storyteller since the time I could talk and all my life a large portion of my brain has been taken up by imaginary characters. In my early twenties I found an online Christian writing community called FaithWriters. It was through them that I became serious about my writing as I began participating in their weekly writing challenges. The people there provide me with so much encouragement, mentoring, and support, and were instrumental in me beginning to be published regularly.

When I write I feel fulfilled. It's a talent God gave me and that He uses to bless others and bring glory to Himself. My desire to be a good steward of that gift drives me to continue to put time and energy into writing and honing my craft. It's hard work, but I love it!

Is there anything you would like to add?
I'm especially excited right now about my two novels. I have a completed one, Reaching Sky, that I'm working on polishing up and already have a publisher who has requested to see the full manuscript. It is a young adult story about a brother and sister who run away from abusive foster care homes. During their road trip from California to Washington, they reconnect with each other and find God on their journey to look for a safe home.

I'm in the process of writing a suspense book, Voices of the Dark, about a trauma counselor who is fostering a withdrawn five-year-old. As she researches the child's past, she discovers the girl's silence is hiding a horrible secret: a child prostitution ring.

People can connect with me through my author page on FaceBook, , and through my blog

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Announcement Saturday; Pirates and Jewlers

The winner of the exciting book Jeweler's Apprentice by E. Kaiser is...

Starting for the first comment given and working to the last entry the winner is...
Since Margret provided us with her e-mail she can expect to get her e-book shortly.

We are also excited to announce the release of Molly Evangeline's new book Courage!

Authors added this week
Perry Kirkpatrick
Rachel Coker
Sarah Scheele

Books added
Courage by Molly Evangeline
The Heavens Declare by Perry Kirkpatrick
Light of the World by Perry Kirkpatrick
Interrupted by Rachel Coker
Facets of Fantasy by Sarah Scheele

Fun Freebies

Truth - Chapters 1-3

Makilien Trilogy wall paper

Book deals ~ Paperbacks under $10
Unseen by Luke Alistar
The Pirate Daughter's Promise by Molly Evangeline
Journey of Faith by Katie McCurdy 
The Courtship Series by the Castleberry Family
Precisely Terminated by Amanda Davis
The Heavens Declare by Perry Willis
Uncompromising by Hannah Farver
Send me, Lord Jesus by Christina Grubb
Land of Calais by Melody Grubb
Light of the World by Perry Willis
Red Rain by Aubrey Hansen
The Moody Series by Sarah Maxwell
Outlining You Novel by K. M. Weiland
Interrupted by Rachel Coker

Blogs/Websites you might want to check out

Goodreads ~ a great website for avid readers
In the Bookcase ~ A blog that helps readers share their book shelves

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Jeweler's Apprentice (A Five Gems Book)

Jeweler's Apprentice (A Five Gems Book)

On her first visit to the palace 16 year old Fia Brithin stumbles into a court intrigue. To keep the secret safe, the Chancelor sends her off as apprentice to a famous, and reclusive, high mountain jeweler. 

...And straight into adventure. 

Discovering gems with deep secrets and new friends with the same, Fia learns a whole lot more than just modeling wax. When to trust a stranger, and when not to; why not to try stealing from gem thieves; what heroism is, what royalty ought to be, and that the mountains themselves can sometimes be the greatest danger of all.

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Interview with E. Kaiser

E. Kaiser
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Would you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself?
Thanks so much for having me, Sarah! I'm honored to be here today. As far as about myself, I don't know where to begin!
Actually that reminds me of a scene in one manuscript I'm working on, where our young heroine is left alone with the responsibility of keeping the attention of a slightly dangerous, but currently chatty, giant. ...While she's sitting in his hand.
“So,” he said. “Tell me about you.”

“Well,” I drew my knees up and put my arms around them. “There’s really not that much to say. I’m not at all interesting.” I batted my eyes and smiled winningly. “Wouldn’t it be better if you told me about you?”

“Ha!” he laughed, a deep rolling belly laugh that was slow and broken, so that it sounded like a boulder bouncing down a mountain. “Ha-ho!”

Then he wiped his eyes and subsided into chuckling.

“Please?” I said charmingly. I really needed to keep him in a good mood until they got back, and there’s nothing anyone loves so much as to talk about themselves.

Anyway, I guess I'll give it a try! ;-) I'm starting on the 28th year that the Lord has seen fit to keep me around, and I've had a pretty unique, and slightly rough-and-tumble, life so far. Due to various factors, my family moved around a lot, so I was exposed at an early age to a great variety of "settings", as well as "characters". This really was a blessing for my fiction writing, because, although I rarely lift directly from real life, everything I've seen and heard is just sitting around in boxes in the back room of my mind; and I know that they come out and swing their legs over the edge and holler ideas through the wall while I'm trying to bring a scene to life.
I was always the "thoughtful one", and all that people watching certainly has helped me in sculpting real life personas on the page.

I'm "best friends" with my youngest sister, and although she's not particularly "writerly inclined", she and I have great times brain storming plots, dissecting stories, and tossing ideas around. We also enjoy historical fashions, and inventing our own designs, sewing, working with animals. She loves medieval history, and has practically memorized the book The Kings and Queens of Britain. Myself, not so much, but is does show some Very Interesting plates of period depictions of fashion in medieval times! :-) I love finding gems like that, un-warped by the intervening centuries and "what we thought they probably wore"!
As for the rough-and-tumble part, we always lived out in remote areas, and so we kids grew up exploring whatever new woods we had moved next to; and learning to get along with horses, cows, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, and (lately,) turkeys. I was more the "nose in a book" type, but my siblings were my peer group, so I did what they did a lot of the time. And the older two could get kind of wild! Especially with horses. ;-)

 So I count myself blessed with a good understanding of how things were before industrialization; which sets me up to write about far away lands in long ago times. I've always been a lover of fairytales, so oftentimes a good dollop of that gets stirred in to the mix.

What is your favorite homeschool memory?
 I have always been glad to have been home schooled, and to single out one memory would be hard. I guess it might have to be one evening when I was little and wanted to get started learning something, since the older two had been set up with their school books for the year. Mom was a little busy with supper, but she took the time to write the "ing" ending on a paper, and explained how to make and modify words with it. She went back to cooking and I laboriously copied "ing" down the page; then "wing", "sing", etc. Years later when I hit the "ing" ending in the spelling book I had no trouble at all, and was surprised when I found other kids found that syllable highly confusing to spell.

What inspired you to start writing?
 At the end of my ninth year, I read an abridged version of Little Women, and was surprised and delighted to read that Jo ended up writing books. I had never given a thought to how books came into being, and that new information sealed my fate. I knew right then i wanted to be a writer, and I asked Mom how to learn it. She replied, very wisely; "Read all the books you can find, and study them to see what the author did particularly well, and what you don't think worked as well."

I took her at her word, and she had a hard time getting books to stay out of my hand long enough to get my sweeping done. I don't think it's her fault, though, since I probably would have been that way no matter what she told me about learning to write. Still, her advice was very on-point... and I learned a lot from the vast array of genres which I consumed. Partly due to this, I don't think of myself as "having" a genre; because a good story was where ever I found it, be it adventure novel ("Kidnapped"! "Prisoner of Zenda"!) or regency romance. ("Pride & Prejudice" anyone?) And of course, a good, grueling historical was always an eye opening experience, and I think it's important for a writer of fiction to be intimately acquainted with reality on all it's levels. So while I don't write about the French and Indian Wars, ("The Frontiersman", "Northwest Passage") it was an experience not to be forgotten to live there for a while.
Jeweler's Apprentice (A Five Gems Book)What is the plot for your book "Jeweler's Apprentice"?
 I wrote the first draft as a gift for my sister, and she is a plot detective. She also objects to nearly every cliche known to novelists, so I was particularly hard pressed to create this character and her story arc.  I plotted out a fresh course, and it passed muster with Abigail, so I think I have succeeded.

 Our heroine, Fia Brithin, is sixteen-going-on-seventeen, and the sixth child of a regional governor whose entire family is invited to the royal palace. They are all excited about this; but while there Fia sees a sinister looking situation and tries to remedy it.
  (One of the themes I notice a lot in my writing is "sometimes things go all wrong when you're simply trying to do the right thing". This should not discourage you from trying, but it will lead to an interesting, and possibly slightly uncomfortable, adventure.)
 This misunderstanding results in the Chancellor forcibly conferring on her the honor of immediately apprenticing to a far away, and very famous, mountain jeweler. It's a huge opportunity for a girl like her, but it's a move that she wasn't ready to make right yet; but through the upcoming adventure she learns more than just jeweler-ing, and she emerges a more confident, and capable young lady. 

  With a savage civil war raging in the other side of the mountains, Fia gets caught up in the turmoil of uncertain times; escaping refugees, and the spy/information network that helps both the fleeing people and their defenders.  She finds 
jewels with deep secrets and new friends with the same; learns why not to try stealing from gem thieves; what heroism is, what royalty ought to be, and that the mountains themselves can sometimes be the greatest danger of all.

Who inspired your main character?
 Fia's character was drafted keeping Abigail, (and her objections!) heavily in mind. So she doesn't have golden, jet, or firey red hair. Just an ordinary rusty-brown. She isn't gorgeous, willowy, wonderful and has all the young men falling in love with her. 

 As a matter of fact, she considers herself completely unremarkable, especially when compared to her accomplished, brave, and prettier elder sisters. She tries hard to keep up the family honor, and her pride refuses to let her cry when faced with fierce, cloaked strangers 
threatening her in the night.
I think she is in general a fairly realistic portrait that a lot of readers can relate to, with her shyness, love of family, determination to do the right thing, (even when she's not sure what that is!) and most of all her simple, home spun heroism by always rising to the occasion and stepping up to the challenge, whether she feels any confidence in herself or not.
How did homeschooling effect your writing?Well, we kids were always glad we didn't have to spend the day in school, but could move on to our other interests as soon as we'd finished with our schoolwork. Because of this I had plenty of time to focus on both reading and, in my teens, writing. And parental encouragement to pursue our interests definitely played a big role in all the "paths" us kids delved into. So, we got a very well rounded education, particularly tailored to each individual. 

Where can people go to get your book?

 My first novel, Jeweler's Apprentice, is available as an e-book through Amazon. With the "look inside the book" feature, folks can get a good feel for the story.

Do you have any last thoughts?
I love to reinvent plot points and story techniques that turn the "expected" inside out and lead the reader on a path they've never been on before. My "plot partner" and I spend a great deal of time examining the weaves of beloved stories, new and old, and drawing fresh conclusions on how to use old standbys in refreshing and exhilarating ways. It is a fun field of study, and I hope it adds an element of surprise to the story lines that result.

I think books are important because they can take you places you've never been, or are impossible to go, (history, fantasy, etc.) and you learn so much from the worlds represented within the pages. That's why it's imperative that a book depict a hale and hearty sense of reality, (even if it's imaginative fiction.) Unfortunately, it seems that modern authors are diving deeper and deeper into warped and twisted perspectives of reality and serving them up as a mirror through which to view your own life. 

I realize that most people read for pleasure, not profit, ( ;-) ) but I hold that the measure of a good book is how much "real effect" it has, while being a fun time. There are so many things we can learn from books, accepting from other people's lives information that we would otherwise have no access to. To throw away this special avenue for learning is a huge loss, and it makes me sad to think of the ignorance that will doubtless be the result of readers who aren't exposed to books rooted in the truth of the real world. The Real World, where every action has a consequence, where we must carefully discern the good from the evil in even the small things; where there are facts that we must deal with, work around, and overcome. 

I write a lot of fantasy, and I enjoy it because I think that through that medium a writer can capture great truths and hold them reflected in the web of the imagination, for readers to see. 

I sometimes include a mysterious power that in fantasy terms would be called "magic". I write this because I believe a mysterious power exists in our own world... and nobody can explain it. Neither can they "channel" it, "shape shift" with it, or make it do their bidding in any way. Therefore, neither can my characters. 

This Power exists beyond the realm of human understanding, but it effects every day in invisible ways. (I have felt it, and I know it's more real than the tree in the yard. If He wished, that tree would disappear without trace, but He endures forever.) 

This spiritual ground is part and parcel of Reality, and to work in a vacuum without it is just as unrealistic as "modern thought" lays at the door of any who Believe.

I have a huge respect for His ways, and so am very shy of infusing them into an historical narrative. His workings have changed from era to era, and who am I to presume so much as to "plug and play" His powers in concocting a tale to my liking? (I don't mean anything against those who do explore this heavily in their own works! Each to his own. Which means I'm responsible to my leading.) 

It is said the "sincerest form of flattery is imitation." This is the route I take, and I hope that the worlds, characters, and actions that play out across the page are shapes of the implacable confidence and burning hope that I have from Him in the face of a world growing much darker.

We all need vision; and young people are particularly desperate for it. Their futures will see tumultuous things, and I have a passion for trying to reach out to them and give them a hand in the direction toward firmer, higher ground.
 I look forward to the future with a mixture of real fear and an even stronger sense of anticipation. For even though I know things will continue to get worse, (as the Bible predicts,) I have felt the hand of the Almighty, and nothing, nothing, nothing can bring about even a slight shift in His Power.

The storm gathers, and the battle will be fierce. But only One will emerge victorious, and I am standing in His shadow. 
Let the trumpets blow!

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Announcement Saturday; Winners and updates

The Winner is… Wait, first we have some announcements

Authors added this week
            Jessica Grey
            J. R. Parker

Fun Freebies
            Amazing free homeschool audio book; Red Rain

Blogs/Websites you might want to check out
            Go TeenWriters
            Verve LitAwards (Please nominate your favorite Homeschool author’s book published in 2011 or 2012)

Book deal of the week
99 cent Kindle books!
            Truth byMolly Evangeline 

And the winner is…

Sarah Elizabeth! You have just won a copy of A Time to Love.  Since you already provided us with your e-mail, you will be getting your e-book shortly.

Have an homeschool authors related announcement you want to make? e-mail it to thedestinyofone(at)juno(dot)com

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Books by Katie McCurdy

Remember to enter the giveaway to win A Time to Love!

A Time to Love

Four years of war, two years of reconstruction…and still her husband is missing.

With the War Between the States over, Leah Williams waits expectedly for her husband’s return home. But that never happens. With no word if he’s alive, dead, or simply abandoned her, she struggles to go on. With the mortgage payments due and people pressuring her to remarry, does she have the strength to hold on? Or should she even wait for a man who might never return to her?

With so many unanswered questions, Leah must learn to lean on God implicitly. But will her faith be enough? Will God provide a way?

Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith: Legacy of Purpose Series - Book One
Faith didn't realize that her life was about to change forever.

Faith Martin never imagined any other life than the one she was leading on her family's little farm outside of Birchwood, Missouri. But as the year 1855 unfolds, her family makes a life changing decision that forces them all into the vast unknown. With so many unanswered questions, Faith and her family set out on a journey that will tax everyone's strength. After many hardships and adventures, they reach the safety of their new life. It seems like a haven of rest after the many rough and heartrending sorrows that accosted them along the way. Feeling safe and secure, Faith starts to enjoy the rugged life out west.

But when Faith and her younger brother find themselves in the hands of brutal outlaws with no hope of deliverance, her will to go on almost fails her. Trying desperately to cling to everything dear to her, Faith struggles to remain true to her life verse, Romans 8:28. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."

Monday, February 6, 2012

Interview with Katie McCurdy

Welcome Katie, would you tell your readers a little bit about yourself? 
Hey Sarah! Yeah, I sure can! Well, let's see....I am the third oldest in a family of 10 kids. I was homeschooled and graduated almost two years ago now (wow, can't believe that!) I spend much of my days either doing things around the house or on the computer.
 I am a reader--I always stick the book I am currently reading in my purse when going out (never know when you'll have a few idle moments!). I am a blogger--I post almost daily on Legacy of a Writer( And, last but not least, I am a writer--I am currently working on a medieval suspense entitled The Princess' Assassin and just last month I published a historical fiction novelette on Kindle called A Time To Love.

What is one of your favorite homeschool memories?

Hmmm....I'd have to say it was the days we went to co-op. The homeschoolers who live in this area got together and started a co-op where we meet once a week to do extra-curricular activities that we usually don't do at home; like drama, P.E., history, crafts, ect. 2010 was a great year at the co-op, and I was part of an awesome volleyball team there. It was always SO much fun and something I looked forward to each week. :-)

How did you start writing?
I've always loved thinking up or creating my own storys. I can't remember exactly how it happened, but one day (probably when I was around 11 or 12) my mom encouraged me to start writing a book. I couldn't tell you what brought about her promptings, but I was kinda like "Yeah, okay, that'd be fun...maybe one day when I'm an 'adult'."

But then, Just a few weeks later, I read a book written by a 16 year old homeschooler, Avery Hitch. And it was so good! I remember reading the back--about the author--and just thinking "Well, if she can do it...why can't I? Even though I'm not an 'adult'?" So! Needless to say, I started writing! :-)

How is your currant work in progress coming and what is it about?
Right now I am working on a medieval suspense that is kind of a fantasy as well. I say "kinda fantasy" because the only thing that's fantasy about it is it's in a made-up kingdom. Trinovia. And as for what it is about...why don't I just give you the synopsis?

Can the man who destroyed her life restore it once more?

When a mission of mercy nearly ends in a kidnapping, Princess Olivia’s life takes a drastic turn. In one night she witnesses the unthinkable when the kingdom of Trinovia is taken over by a sinister man who destroys everything she holds dear. Doomed to a forced marriage and life as a captive within castle walls, Olivia escapes into hiding.

But one man stands in her way—a paid assassin hiding a tortured soul. Wulf’s only aim was to complete his mission. No feelings involved. He never imagined it would stir emotions he wanted left buried, and memories he wished to abandon.

In a fight for their lives, Olivia and Wulf must overcome murder, betrayal, abductions, sword fights, slavery, and duals…all while trying to save the kingdom.

Also, if you're interested in watching the book trailer that a friend of mine made, you can check it out at

What our your two published works about?
I self-published my first book, a historical fiction, when I was 16. It's called Journey of Faith and it's about a young woman in the mid-1800s who's family suddenly moves out west to Wyoming. I'm happy to say I've come a long way, writing-wise, since I published this book, but those who've read it said they've enjoyed it. It's focused more on the pre-teen/teenage level.

Then I just recently (the end of December 2011) published a novelette on kindle, A Time to Love. It's another historical fiction, set in the years after the War Between the States. I was really excited about publishing this one, since it was a short story that I wrote several years ago. A few months ago, I was exploring some of my old files, and stumbled across it. I'd always liked the idea behind the story plot, so decided to re-write it (it needed it...badly!) and publish it as a novelette on Kindle, so it'd be at a more affordable cost for anyone who was looking for a quick, pleasant read.

Where can people get them?
Both Journey of Faith and A Time to Love can be purchased on Here's the links...

Journey of Faith - $12.99

A Time to Love - $2.99

Do have any final thoughts?
Ummm....nope! I don't think so! Except that I'd love y'all to visit me over at Legacy of a Writer. I talk about anything book related, so if you are at all a bookworm...we'll be the best of friends!!! :-D

Thanks so much for doing this interview with me, Sarah!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Makilen Trilogy by Molly Evangeline

Book One ~ Truth

Picture“What are we living for? Just to live? What is the point? Don’t you think there should be a purpose?”

Trapped in a village no one is allowed to leave, Makilien yearns for the answers to her questions about life and the world outside the village walls. Yet no one but her closest friend seems to understand or share her desire. Despite her family’s fears and warnings of the consequences, she is determined to find answers.

The unexpected arrival of a stranger, and the knowledge he possesses, drives Makilien to drastic action. Confronted with a world she knows nothing about, she must choose carefully who to trust as both good and evil lurk in all places. As a battle looms, one in which will be determined the fate of all, she must decide whether to believe in the One who is truth or fall prey to the lies of the enemy.

The adventure begins here . . .

Book 2 ~ Courage
Coming Soon... 

Courage, the second book of the trilogy continues on with Makilien's story and those of her friends. It is based on the words of Psalms 31:24, Be strong and let your heart takecourage, All you who hope in the LordNASB

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Review; The Pirate Daughters Promise

By Sarah Holman

How far would you go to keep a promise? Skyler McHenry is faced with this question in the thrilling high seas adventure by Molly Evangline.

When Molly agreed to do an interview for Homeschool authors, I went to her website to do some research. When I saw that The Pirate Daughter’s Promise was only 99 cents, I decided to buy it.  I am so glad I did.

From the gripping opening to the final, touching page, I was enthralled with Skyler's story. Orphaned and with only two friends in the world, Skyler leads a hard life.  She keeps a secret her father had made her promise not to reveal until she finds someone who loves her and she trusts completely.  A secret concerning a hidden pirate treasure.

I was skeptical when I began this book, as I have never really liked pirate stories.  As a lover of history, I had learned too much about pirates to ever think of them as good guys in films or books.  I was delightfully surprised at this book.  This was not about a “Christian” pirate, nor was piracy shown as acceptable.  The good captain and his crew hunt pirates and return the stolen goods.

I loved the faith and morals displayed in The Pirate Daughter’s Promise.  Prayer not only is a normal part of life, it works.  The romance will stand up to the highest moral standards.  This book is very wholesome and refreshing.

If you are looking for a book full of adventure that is faith building, The Pirate Daughter’s Promise is a wonderful choice.