Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Review: 3 Amanda Tero Short Stories

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Description: “How could you, in good conscience, leave the kitchen in the hands of me, a giddy sixteen-year-old??” So begins Nicole’s letters to her sister who has recently “deserted” the family because of marriage. As Nicole attempts to take over the kitchen, she begins to wonder if the kitchen will take over her?

Told in the form of letters, this was such a cute short story. I mean, who doesn’t love cooking mishaps and a bit of family drama? Nicole is an overwhelmed sixteen-year-old whose mission is to keep from making a disaster of her new responsibility in the kitchen.

While we only see Nicole’s letters (I so wanted to see the others), it is clear that she and her older sister have a loving relationship. The way her older sister points her back to God time and again is clear and wonderful.

I had one issue with this story. Nicole is struggling so hard, and she never mentions her mother helping or offering advice, nor her older sister; and as far as I could tell, her brothers never offered to help either. While I could just chalk this up to most teenagers thinking they are doing more than they really are, it bugged me that in all the letters, not one mention of help was given.

Still, I enjoyed this story and recommend it to teenagers who like light-hearted tales, short stories, and kitchen mishaps.

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Description: It was the gift that Maggie had desired throughout her teen years. Yet was God’s purpose for this gift for her to fulfill her own desires? Or did He have something much better in store? Something that Maggie could not quite understand?

This is one of the best short stories Tero has written. While not long, it asks tough questions and gives biblical answers.

While I have enjoyed Tero’s other short stories, I think this is the strongest. While it isn’t long it tells a complete story because it focuses on one character and one decision. It takes place over a short period of time and isn’t distracted by extra characters or information.

I could say more, but it would give away things. I highly recommend this tale for those who like short stories, faith building messages, and solid writing.

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Description: Twelve-year-old Keith is left in charge of the lighthouse and his two younger siblings while his dad goes out in the storm to help a ship in distress.
As the long night passes with waves pounding against the lighthouse, fear threatens to engulf him.
Can Keith stay awake and keep the lights burning? 
Will he worry away the night, or will he find comfort and peace in trusting God's promises?

I was reading through a few of the short stories on my Kindle, and this was one of them. While this story isn’t very long, it is very well written and has a good message. This would make a perfect family read-aloud on a stormy evening.

While this story could be read in fifteen minutes or less, the characters are well done and the story well told. Tero shows a lot of talent in being able to convey a lot in a very short amount of time.
While geared for younger readers, I even found the message to be good reminder. It is easy at times to become worried, but we are commanded in the scripture to trust God. This story, I think, can be enjoyed and be a blessing to a broader age range than even it was intended.

I highly recommend this story for younger readers, those who love short stories, and anyone who wants solid, biblical encouragement.

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