Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Authors: Part 3

Kate Willis
At my garden party, C.S. Lewis is cracking nuts and jokes while G.K. Chesterton is arguing a finer point of theology. A.A. Milne and Eleanor Estes sip tea companionably as they laugh over Christopher Robin's latest adventure, and Elizabeth Enright wanders the gardens in the glow of Chinese lanterns and fireflies. I bask in the presence of these brilliant people, drinking in every word.

 Kendra Ardnek
C.S. Lewis. His Space Trilogy and Chronicles of Narnia are my favorite books. 
Tolkien. Because Middle Earth
L. Frank Baum. Because Oz.
Gail Carson Levine. Her Ella Enchanted helped me through a difficult part of my life, and I love the way she spins fairy tales.
Jaye L. Knight. Because Ilyon.

Sarah Holman
Elizabeth Camden ~ I think she is one of the most talented writers ever
Grace Livingstone Hill ~ She was a huge inspiration to be and I love her stories
J. Grace Pennington ~ Even though she is The Sleep Stealer
Nicole Sager ~ I always know I am going to love her books
Elisabeth Allen ~ Her stories always touch my heart


  1. Sarah, I'm honored to be on your list! That's so special to me, thank you!
    I love Elizabeth Camden as well. I really enjoy that her heroes & heroines are flawed and real.

  2. I think you've all made great choices in favorite authors, though I have yet to read many of them.
    Kate, I love how you described your authors at a garden party! I'd love to join you. :)

    1. Thanks, Kelsey! I'd love to have you there!! ;)