Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Read-to-Win 2016

Welcome to this year’s Read-to-Win Challenge!

You read a book, write a review, and hopefully win some awesome prizes. This year, there will be even more winners!

Grand prize: $100 Amazon gift card
First Prize ~ Six signed paperback books from various authors
Second Prize ~ One signed paperback and three e-books from various authors
Third Prize ~ Three e-books from various authors

New this year!
~ All the books that are part of the challenge will be $0.99 for the whole summer! Now you won't books because you forgot to check which book was on sale that week. It will also give you more time to read. (See the full list below!)

~ Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, responses to the weekly challenge by the fourteen authors will be posted. On Friday, we will have a link up because we want you to take part. Post your answer to the weekly challenge and then add it to the link-up. You never know, your favorite author Homeschooled Author might stop by and comment!

~ Every Saturday, we will be posting about other deals that the authors are running.

~ Reviews can be posted on Goodreads and Blogs

As always: new reviews on Read-to-Win books are the only ways to earn an entry. This year, you have fourteen books to choose from. That can means you could have fourteen entries this year! So, what makes a valid entry? Good question as we will be weeding out the spam and incorrectly submitted entries.  Here is how it goes:

Buy one of the books

Post review on Goodreads or your blog.

It must be a new review

It must be posted between June 1 and August 31

While not required, Amazon reviews are very helpful to all our authors. Please consider posting your review on Amazon as well.

Who is going taking part?


  1. And it's off! I think I should go read now. :)

  2. Cool but is this open to people internationally as well?

    1. Clare,

      Yes! The Amazon gift card and the digital book are available to anyone as they are digital. If you happen to win the signed books, substitutions might be made by authors who do not wish to ship. I hope you will take part and the best of luck to you

  3. What if I have some of the books on my kindle already, but haven't read them yet. Does it have to be a "verified purchase" in order to be entered in the giveaway?

    Thanks!! :)

    1. No, it does not need to be a verified purchase. So glad you are taking part this year.

    2. That's great to know because I bought some of the books directly from the authors so they would not have been "verified purchases". Thanks, that means that this year I qualify to enter!

  4. I am not sure if I am entering the links correctly. If I paste the link into my internet browser, I get an error message, but if I email the link to myself, I go directly to the review.
    Am I doing this right?

  5. What happens when I post a review on Amazon and enter here, but then my review disappears from Amazon?!? I bought and read a book, reviewed it (and saw that it was live on amazon)... but when I was going to enter here the next day... my review was gone (and so where some other reviews!)!!! I have no idea what is going on, but I will try to re-post my review on Amazon (hopefully this will not happen again).
    If this happens again, what should I do? Email you the proof from Amazon that I did review the book?

    1. Have you thought about posting a review on Goodreads or your blog? One of these options would be fine.

    2. I don't have either :'(

    3. The issue is that Amazon frowns on people posting review for contest entries. I highly recommend setting up a Goodreads account. It isn't like most social media and you can even just use it for the duration of the Read-To_win Program

    4. Okay, thank you.

  6. Awesome! So glad I found this! Guess I have some page-turning to get to!

    //Read the latest at!