Monday, June 27, 2016

Our Book Shelves: part 1

Claire Banschbach

I tried to get a good picture of myself with my bookshelf, but mine are all the upper shelves of a built-in bookcase and kind of spread out everywhere, so it was kind of difficult to include myself. But the books were happy to pose by themselves.

Nicole Sager
Buying a new book is always a treat.....until you have to come home and find an empty spot for the little paper-backed fella. And yes, those shelves are double-stacked! o_O

Sarah Brown
 Here you go! My bookshelf is really only my headboard, but it sure is handy for reading in bed (although, I have to say, my Kindle app has nearly replaced hard copy reading). My headboard still holds my collection of favorites from over the years--classic, timeless stories: Heidi, the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Evangelists in Chains (a very powerful book based on a true story that has really touched my life), Thrilling Escapes by Night (another amazing book--truly thrilling), Paula the Waldensian, Old Yeller, just to name a few.

Morgan Huneke
My very awesome dad built a bookshelf into my wall when we finished my bedroom. Plenty of room for my library to expand.

Aubrey Hansen
My husband and I moved from Chicago to Kansas City last year and bought our first house.  Which means we should finally have the space to put up enough shelves to display all our movies, books, manga, and anime—at least in theory.  Of course, with all the other updates and responsibilities that come with owning a house, we haven’t had time yet... which is why my books are still in old Dairy Queen boxes...


  1. This post was so fun to read! I love all the bookshelf pictures :).

  2. Yay bookshelves! My own are quickly approaching Nicole's (double-stacked) but I wish they were more like Morgan's (a whole wall with lots of room)! ;)

  3. Nicole, I remember seeing your bookshelves when we visited you and yes, it's amazingly full! A good kind of full though. I would love to have all those books at my disposal.