Monday, February 15, 2016

Nicole Sager on Burdney

Welcome back to Homeschooled Authors, Nicole! What have you been up to since the last time you were here?
​Thank you for having me back! The last time I was here I had just released Hebbros, the first book in my Companions of Arcrea series. Since then I've published the second "Companions" book, titled Burdney, as well as a booklet called A Tale of Two Siblings, which takes a look at sibling relationships and is based on my personal journey with one sister in particular.

What inspired Burdney?
​​The epilogue for Hebbros kind of threw me into the next plot by bringing two unlikely characters together at the last minute. I knew I wanted to use them, and had also entertained the idea of a female antagonist. I'm not quite sure when it struck me that this antagonist should be Lord Bradley's forgotten bride (mentioned oh so briefly in Hebbros) but I'm so glad the idea stuck! The plot started out simple, but as I moved forward layer after layer was added until I hardly recognized it as my original idea.

How does it tie in with the other Arcrea?
​The Companions of Arcrea books are intended to take the reader across the Brikbone Mountains ​to explore new places, meet new characters, and also (quite honestly) to give me some new "writing ground."​ Each book so far has included a familiar Arcrean character, and has taken place in the kingdom just north of Arcrea. In Hebbros we caught up with Elaina. Burdney reintroduces Blunt.

Who is your favorite character in Burdney?
​Ah! Such a hard question! I think perhaps my favorite to write about was Lathan. It was a challenge writing ​from the perspective of this character (you'll have to read the book to see why!) and yet it was a wonderful stretch for me. Lathan, for me, is one example of allowing the fantasy aspect of my novels to affect the human characters without using any magic. It's not easy!

Would you rather visit Narnia, Middle Earth, or Arcrea?
​Hmm... While Narnia is very tempting, I have to say Arcrea. There are characters I would love to meet in person, places I'd like to see, but I'd also really like to explore what I "missed" - What characters walked by without me noticing? What other creatures live in those hills? ​I'm a very visual person! I feel like seeing things just once would inspire so many stories and give depth to what I already have!

What good Homeschooled Authored books have you been reading of late?
​​Most recently I've really enjoyed Sarah Holman's A Different Kind of Courage and Brothers & Betrayal, as well as Word & Deed by Rachel Rossano!

Where can people find your books?
My books can be found on Amazon (link below) as well as most online bookstores! ​If folks would like to browse before they buy, they can check out my website. And I love having readers connect with me on Facebook and Pinterest as well!​ - (check out this link to join the Arcrea Group Board:​)​

What is next for you?
​I'm currently working on the 3rd book in the "Companions"​ series, and tossing around ideas for another non-fiction booklet. Outside of writing I have a regular babysitting job, so it'll be fun juggling my time between activities this year!


  1. Thank you so much for having me back, Sarah!

  2. I haven't read 'Hebbros' yet, but after reading this interview I went and checked it out on Amazon. It looks really good, I might have to read it :D.

  3. I loved both Burdney and Hebbros, they are in my top books!

  4. I've only read book 1 of the Arcrea books. I'd love to finish out the rest of the series and try out the companions of Arcrea as well! :)