Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Family part 3

J. Grace Pennington
I'm the oldest of nine kids, all born and raised in the great state of Texas! Our parents homeschooled all of us all the way through, and really gave us the freedom to pursue our interests. To varying degrees my whole family enjoys stories, whether that's writing, reading, or watching and analyzing movies, so there are always fun and lively conversations to be had!

Katie Daniels

"My family doesn't like being photographed, so this pictures is two or three years out of date. Since then I've acquired a sister-in-law and a big brother--finally! I'm the oldest of nine and it's really nice to have someone older than me to badger and tease. There are no other writers in my family--yet--but my sixth sibling down is destined to be the next Dr. Seuss, although what he really wants to do is be a designer for LEGO."

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