Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Family Part 1

Amber Schamel
This is a picture of me with my family. I'm the one in the green on the far left. The handsome feller next to me is my brother Ben holding our youngest brother Benaiah. Next to him is David, the redheaded warrior, then John, my parents, Melody, and my grandmother is on the far right. The second row from left to right is Keren (who is the twin of Caleb, the one shielding his face from the sun), Grace, Job the serious, Gabe (yes, he does look like Opie from Andy Griffeth. He hears that ALL the time.) and Caleb. 

Julia Erickson

Meet the Erickson Family!
Bob, Gloria, Julia, Mark, and Steven. We're a creative family and have several home businesses that revolve around writing, LEGOS, duct tape historical-style weapons, and handcrafted jewelry. We live in a log home in rural Georgia and enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods, although we lived in Florida for 14 years while the kids were growing up and were always near the ocean, in the pool, or out on our boat. Our faith is very important to us, and growing up homeschooled allowed us to live, learn and love in a way no other education method could have done. We're very close to each other and we work together and play together with equal enjoyment! We love watching movies as a family and reading stories out loud. Hosting other families for dinner in our home and sharing our hospitality is something we delight in - we only wish you could come sometime! :) 

Ashley Tetzlaff

Mark (33) - my wonderful husband. He owns his own lawn care/landscape business, MRT Services, which keeps him busy Spring, Summer and Fall, organizing and running the crews - mowing grass, trimming bushes, fertilizing, raking leaves, etc. He was homeschooled all the way and also writes, mostly in the winter when he actually has time :)   He is about to come out with his first book later this summer.

Ashley (24) - Here I am: child of God, wife, mother, reader, writer, cook, crafter, homeschooled kid, native Texan (sixth generation), now Pullman, Washington transplant.

Abigail (2 yrs 3 mo) - My little ball of joyful noise and energy. She loves going for walks, swinging, sliding, dancing, singing... and when she has quieter moments: reading and coloring.

Joanna (5 mo) - My little bundle of (comparative) quiet and calmness. I used to say stillness too, but she is starting to roll and scoot all around now. She enjoys looking at toys and watching people.

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  1. Ooh yay! I was wondering about all the author's families :) Ten kids in Amber's family? Cool! :D

    1. So glad you're enjoying the posts, Eliza! Aren't they fun? It only gets better as the summer goes on.

      Haha, actually, there's 12 of us kids. My older sister doesn't live at home anymore. :) I love to say "I'm on of the twelve."

    2. Haha, that's cool! I'm the eldest of eight :)

  2. Awww, this is so cool to see everyone's families! And Ashley--Pullman, Washington?! I'm going there on a mission trip in a few weeks to a church plant my home church started up there! Cool!