Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Book Review: Finding Faith by Molly Evangeline

Finding Faith: Pirates & Faith, Book 4
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Age Appropriate For: 10 and up for mild peril, mild violence, and mild romance
Best for Ages: 10 and up

Description: Emma James hates the thought of change, but as hard as she tries to stop it, she finds change is inevitable, particularly when her father's business, and therefore her livelihood, is threatened. The last thing she wants thrown into the midst of it is romance. Determined never to marry or give up her passion for sailing, Emma's quick temper lands her in more and more trouble, especially when it brings a kind and handsome rival captain into her life, throwing it into turmoil. In the dramatic conclusion to Pirates & Faith, can Emma find the faith to trust that God's plans truly are better than her own, or will it be too late for a second chance?

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like a book about a female captain, but I really ended up loving Emma. The balance between Emma’s love of sailing and her femininity was perfect. A big round of applause to Molly for doing just a great job. I ended up not only liking Emma, but connecting with her.

Emma has a temper, which gets her into trouble more than once. This only made her seem more real. She struggled to control her anger, and failed many times. Yet, that doesn’t keep her from trying to make it right and going to God for help.

The romance, as with all of Molly’s books was so sweet. There were maybe one or two kisses but they were very sweet and not overly passionate. I just love how Molly does the romance in her stories.

I am kind of sad I have reached the end of this series, because it was so good. However, I felt the ending really was very satisfying, not only for the character of Emma, but some of the other characters of the series (like Sky and Will). I hope that someday, Molly write historical fiction again, because she does it so well.

I highly recommend this book to those who like books about faith, adventure, strong female characters, and sweet romance.

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