Sunday, November 2, 2014

Book Review: Alyce by Sarah Scheele

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Age Appropriate For: All Ages
Best for Ages: 12 and up

Description: Alyce Lomlossa has never dreamed of visiting King Timson. To a member of a minority group that opposes his rule, his brooding, glum palace is associated only with imprisonment and death. Though it's been a long time since any Sherban was arrested, Alyce feels little in common with her ruler and is quite content to stay unnoticed. Until a mandatory summons to the King's court dance leaves her no choice.

There are some stories that just never get old, no many how many times and ways they are retold. I think Cinderella is one of those stories. I grabbed this retelling, Alyce, when I could.

I’ll start off by saying there was one thing I didn’t like about this story, I couldn’t tell where in time I was. Sometimes it felt like the Middle Ages, other times the Victorian Era, and still others the speech felt modern. This issue was big enough to knock one star off my rating, but not enough to keep me from enjoying the story.

Alyce was just a fun, normal girl. She is ordered to go to the ball, and has to borrow an ill-fitting dress. That is right, no little fairies to help her here. What happens next is a series of highly entertaining events which I shall not reveal, or I would spoil the story.

There is a bit of romance at the end, but it was very mild, and I think that even those who dislike romance won’t find it bothersome.

I highly recommend this story to those who like fairy tale retellings, entertaining short stories, and non-romantic tales.

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