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What the readers are saying about Duty: First Novel of Rhynan by Rachel Rossano

Duty (Rhynan #1)
This book kept me turning pages. From the opening line, I was hooked. It was fast paced but not dazzlingly so. I also instantly connected with Tomas and Brielle and loved getting to know them.

This story, though set in a fictional country, felt well researched. As a history buff whose favorite time period is the Middle Ages, I was very impressed with the historical aspects of this book. I especially liked the attitudes displayed by the women at the beginning of the book. To often, we put our 21st century ideas of love, and marriage into historical fiction. Women didn't expect to marry for love, or even marry someone they knew well. They may have wanted that, but it wasn't the expectation.

The romance was so sweet. I just loved how it unfolded. Because the characters are married for most of the book, and the romance comes after marriage, this book is for older audiences However, Rachel was very discreet and so someone in their middle teens might like it.

I highly recommend this book for those who like romance.”
– Sarah Holman, author of The Destiny Trilogy and Adventures and Adversaries

“Set in a medieval fantasy world, Duty: A Novel of Rhynan, by Rachel Rossano, tells the tale of Lady Brielle Solarius. With the crowning of a new king, Brielle is essentially sold into an arranged marriage to the new Lord Tomas by her evil cousin Orwin. But because of her duty to her people, the poor widows also forced into marriage to strangers, Brielle determines to willingly marry this man Tomas. Besides, because of her cousin’s work, her village will starve through the winter if she doesn’t have Tomas’s help. Yet, as they leave to acquire food for the winter, Brielle’s little village is attacked!

I really liked this book! When I found it, I thought it would just be a sweet little romance, but conspiracies, battles, and sieges abound as well! There is never a dull moment in the novel, what with the romance and the action. And truly, just as I thought all was well and couldn’t imagine how the author would make the rest of the novel interesting, the worst happens and drives Brielle and Tomas into another adventure!

To me, Duty seemed to be written well. There were a few tiny spots that confused me, but they were few and not extremely pertinent to the tale. Aside from that, I have no complaints.

Things you should know: There was definitely violence in this novel, as much of the plot revolved around soldiers and battles. In one instance, a pregnant woman is threatened with death (with a sword to her throat). However, the descriptions of the battles were not graphic. The author wrote that the characters cursed, yet didn’t include what the curse word was. Women are indeed forced into marriage, but the overall attitude toward it, at least by the leading characters, is that it is unfair and wrong. The leading characters kiss and hold each other, but sex is only implied, not described.”
– Emily (on Goodreads)

“Duty: a novel of Rhynan was hard to put down, and one of my quickest reads all year, despite it being quite lengthy. With a captivating plot, vividly developed characters, and the constant threat of danger, it was quick to grab my attention. Rachel was also able to keep it quick paced and exciting all the way to the end.”
– Kayla (on Goodreads)

"I felt Ms. Rossano did a impressive job with Tomas's character flaws and all. I liked him a lot.”
– Tifferz (on Goodreads)

“Something to remember as you read: This is a historical, but it's not from a real time or even a real place. Ms. Rossano has created her own world, with touches of old England. Some of the phrasing seemed a bit contemporary, but all in all it fits her world. There were a few new words that I had to look up. For example "Kurios." In her lexicon, this is the word for God. And it works, here.

I liked how these two people came together, slowly. I liked how after riding for an entire day, Brielle was sore, and tired, and her knees were weak. Her tummy also growled! I liked that. They were "real." They didn't fall immediately into love. It was something they had to work at.

Tomas is a strong, caring man of few words. There was a scene with his mother where she mentions that he "forgets" to give all the information. This was true!

This was a rousing adventure, with swords and battles...and fade to black loving. It was also inspirational. Brielle prayed for help. I liked that, too.”
– Beyond the Squee (http://www.beyondthesquee.com)

Duty had me hooked from the first line right to the last. I seriously loved the opening lines and it just got better from there. This book has everything: action, adventure, romance, mystery, hope and love.

The story centers around two strong, duty-bound characters who have to learn to trust each other. Brielle and Tomas have great chemistry, were well-matched, and their adventure kept me turning pages to see what would happen next. The author brought the characters to life and made the settings in the story seem vividly real.”
– Shanna Hatfield, author of The Pendleton Petticoats series

“This was my 2nd book By Rachel Rossano and I really enjoyed it. Other reviews have said that love came too quickly for the characters, but I disagree and tend to think that if God were to bring about such a marriage between two people of such admirable qualities, then He could give those people an instant attraction followed shortly by love for one another (knowing that you're gonna hafta spend the rest of your life with them anyway kinda makes it easier in my mind).

The characters and setting were lovely. There were quite a few kisses and references to the marriage bed (just to warn those who prefer not to have any of that in their reading material), but Rachel managed the subject tactfully in my opinion. One thing I was a bit uncertain about was the fact that the characters call their deity by the name Kurios, and I wasn't sure if this was their interpretation of the name of God, or if it was the name of a false god.

I look forward to reading more from this author (especially after reading the bit from her new book, included in the back of "Duty"). Thank you, Rachel, for a splendid read!”
– Nicole from Goodreads

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