Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Favorite Books by Homeschooled Authors by Jordan Smith

 I suspect that this list will surprise you. Usually when someone does a post about homeschooled authors’ books, they leave out the ones I’m going to mention. They talk about recent books by modern indie authors. But there’s a whole other world out there of authors who were homeschooled (at least for part of their lives). Here are some of my favorites.

Narnia Series (C. S. Lewis)

 The Chronicles of Narnia (#1-7)
What it is: The absolutely delightful and deep stories of a group of children in a magical land called Narnia. In a compelling story, Lewis explores theological concepts at a level that anyone can grasp, without ever becoming bogged down in outright instruction or allegory.

Why I like it: Because the world is wonderful and whimsical enough that I don’t have to understand all the history to make sense of the story, but complicated enough that I don’t feel like I’m being talked down to. Plus, Lewis has a subtle sense of humor that makes for enjoyable reading.

Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Treasure Island 
What it is: A pirate-filled treasure hunt!

Why I like it: More swashbuckling adventure than you can shake a stick at.

Little House on the Prairie Series (Laura Ingalls Wilder)

 Little House on the Prairie (Little House, #2)
What it is: The story of Laura, a pioneer girl, as she grows up during the Western expansion.

Why I like it: Heartwarming, tear-jerking at points, funny at others, and all around a story well told. The series weaves great values into the narrative without banging the reader over the head with them.

A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens)

 A Christmas Carol
What it is: The story of how the most grouchy, mean old miser comes to change his attitude toward Christmas when he is visited by three spirits that show him what it really means.

Why I like it: Because it uses the concept of ghosts perfectly to serve a theme rather than just for general spookiness. And speaking of theme, I love how Dickens masterfully handles his topic without beating it into the reader. (Are you sensing a common element here?)

Did I surprise you? There are many other great homeschooled authors out there, included some from the more recent wave, but these four have stuck with me due to the authors’ mastery of the craft of writing.

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