Saturday, October 27, 2012

Announcement Saturday: Winners

The winners are...
Called and Plague of Darkness by Hannah Mills.... Elizabeth K. 
Bring Your Writing To Life by Amy Wiley.... Margaret
The Destiny of One by Sarah Holman.... Perry

Enter some of the great giveaways at Parry Elisabeth's blog:

Authors Added
Caleb Kelchner

Books Added

The Silver Shawl: A Mrs. Meade Mystery  by Elisabeth Foley

(Coming Soon) Never by J. Grace Pennington
(Now Available) Plague of Darkness by Hannah Mills
(Coming in July 2013) Viral Execution by Amanda Davis
(Now Available) Noble Imposter by Amanda Davis
(Now Available) Peter's Angel by Aubrey Hansen


  1. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for running the contest, Sarah.

  2. Wow! Was that me? did I actually Win it?! *Is So Excited!*
    Wow, this is going to be terrific! :-)

    Thanks so much for having this give away, Sarah! And thanks so much to those who put up the great books!
    Hope you all have a great day!