Monday, August 20, 2012


Rebekah Dan!

What was your favorite part of being homeschooled?
Hmm...there were so many things I enjoyed that I don't know where to start! :)  Probably one of the top things was the flexibility it allowed me and my family to have. We were a missionary family and our schedule was quite unpredictable. My dad was called to speak at different conferences and churches, so we would travel together, and we could just take our school along with us, or do double the homework for one day to make up for days when we had other duties.

I also really enjoyed studying on my own as we homeschooled. I was the oldest, so my mother was busy with the younger ones while I completed my own schoolwork. I could really concentrate on the subject (history, english, math, etc.) without interruption or too much distraction. I feel homeschooling helped prepare me for college, where you must be disciplined to study most of the material outside of the classroom. 

What inspired you to start writing?
Well, as a little girl, I loved reading. I devoured books, hence the glasses I'm wearing now. I had a whole bookshelf basically all to myself since my siblings didn't enjoy reading like I did, and they would look at me like I was crazy when I spent hours with my nose in a book (that soon changed after several years, and it was my turn to tell them they spent too much time reading ;) ). I also enjoyed telling stories to others, and listening to stories. My mom would say I have a rich imagination. That can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you use it. But I realize writing is a God given talent, and I am thankful that He gave it to me. Writing just came naturally for me...I loved learning new words, spelling, and being able to express my thoughts, put them down on paper and communicate them to others through this means, and then see them connect with my writing -  it's just delightful. The power of words is amazing. 

What caused you to write The Rainbow Promise?
The Rainbow PromiseI wrote this novel because I wanted to tell other girls my age how important it is to grow in their relationship to the Lord, and in the reading of the Bible on a daily basis. If we don't read the Word daily we are starving ourselves of spiritual food. I wanted to encourage young ladies and tell them that by reading the Scriptures, and praying and asking God to speak to them personally, He will reveal His plan for their lives. He will give them specific promises from the Bible for their life! Those are precious treasures that they should claim. Of course, I don't mean God will speak in a mystical way, where you hear a voice from heaven or have a vision or anything mystical of that sort. No, rather, it is like a message from the written Word of God that comes at just the right time, as you faithfully read the Bible in order book by book and pray that the Lord will give you something for that day, whether an encouragement, a warning, or guidance. God is a loving Father who delights in being involved in every aspect of our lives, so being in touch with Him every step of the way is how the Christian should live. 

What is The Rainbow Promise About? 
The Rainbow Promise is an adventure/mystery novel about two young ladies who are best friends. Their camping trip turns into an unexpected quest for treasure....and- well, you'll have to read the novel to find out the rest of the story! It takes place in our modern day world, so the readers can put themselves in their shoes and see themselves as one of the characters in the story. 

Where can people get it?
The book can be found on, Barnes & Noble online, at Tate Publishing Company, Christian Book Distributors, and last but not least, from me. I have copies of the book which I can autograph and mail for only $10 (price includes shipping).

Do you plan to write more books?
Yes, definitely! I want to write a few children's books, and illustrate them. I have two series in mind and I hope to be able to work on them this summer, Lord willing! 

Do you have any final thoughts?
I am thankful for the opportunity of being posted on this blog and sharing about my novel with you all. I would encourage you dear readers to get the book for yourself, your friends from church, your nieces and cousins, or any other young lady. God may use it to build up their faith. 

Rebekah has given me a copy of The Rainbow Promise to review and giveaway!  The review will post on Thursday, but you can enter to win it now!

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  1. What was one of the hardest parts about writing your book? :)

  2. Oh I forgot! Love the interviews! It's really encouraging to know about other homeschooled authors!

  3. As an author, I am guessing you have an active imagination, like myself! ;)

    So here is a unique question for you.... when you daydream, what are you most likely to daydream about??? :D

  4. The Rainbow Promise sounds intriguing-- I'm entering the giveaway!

  5. Hello everyone! Thanks for your comments. I will try to reply to each.

    @ Jenna K:
    One of the hardest thing about writing the book was...I think to do the final editing, reading and re-reading, preparing it for publishing. It was tiring. I just wanted it done already! :) Also, making sure everything ties in together nicely to the final conclusion.

    @ Bekah:
    Hmm, what I most likely daydream about? Often I think it's about different artsy projects I want to do, or a lot of designing stuff...such as how I would like to design a house inside out, how I would design the book covers of the stories I have in mind to publish, or Lord willing, the future- how it will be like, what I would like to do, what God has in plan. Stuff like that.

    @ Miss Dashwood: I'm glad you're excited about the book and thanks for entering the giveaway!