Monday, August 13, 2012

Announcing the arrival of....

Cara Putman! 

Welcome to Homeschool Author's Cara!  Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Thanks so much for having me. I was a homeschooled student who now homeschools her four kids. We started homeschooling the year it became legal in Nebraska. For me that meant from 5-10th grade. After that I started college at the local community college. I graduated with honors from there the same year my friends graduated from high school. Then off to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I also graduated with honors. While there I was selected as a Truman Scholar which helped pay for my law degree at George Mason University. Then off to clerk for a judge, move to Indiana with my husband, and find work as a lawyer. Now we have four kids. In 2005 I started writing at night after the day job and kids were in bed. In 2006 I received my first contract, and that book released in 2007. Now I have 14 novels and 1 non-fiction book out, with more under consideration.

What was it like in the early days of homeschooling?
It was challenging because nobody knew what to think. Even my grandfather, a school superintendant, though my parents were nuts. We got so many funny looks if we were out during the day. I also remember that my mom couldn’t buy directly from A Beka in the beginning; she had to go through a private school. Things have certainly changed!

What was your favorite part of being homeschooled?
My favorite part was the efficiency. We could study and be done in hours. That left me free to do other things and pursue my interests. My mom also incorporated my interests like novel writing into the curriculum. As long as I wrote, it counted for English and sometimes the research counted as history, too.

What inspired you start writing?
Back when I was in school (mid 80s) Christian fiction was much smaller than it is today. My favorite authors couldn't write fast enough to keep up with my appetite for books. It was so bad the manager of the local Christian bookstore would hand me the publisher catalogs so I could see when the next books would release. I naively thought I’d write a book. While those early novels are unfinished and hopefully lost to the ages, it started a passion in me that continues to this day.

What inspired you to write A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island?
Mackinac Island is magical. It’s one of those rare places where you can step back in time without leaving this century. The first time we visited the island I wondered if the long drive could possibly be worth the destination. It’s a long 11 hours from where I live. But once we stepped on the ferry, leaving our car behind, I knew we were headed somewhere special. Boy, was I right. At that time I hadn’t started writing but when we returned in 2009 I was well on the way to writing with several books out. So this time I walked around looking for story ideas. I found them…so much so, I’m surprised the police chief let me leave after asking him how his department would handle a murder. 

What is it about?
A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island is set on one of my favorite places to escape. Attorney Alanna Stone vowed long ago to avoid Mackinac Island. Although it may seem the perfect place to heal, for Alanna it holds too many memories of a painful past. But an exhausting high profile case and an urgent plea from her parents have brought Alanna home. Moving into the house next to Jonathan Covington doesn’t help her. Jonathan may have been her first love, but he was also her first lesson in betrayal. Now Alanna must protect her privacy and her heart. Then secrets and a murder intersect, and she’s thrust into controversy again as tragedy turns public opinion against her and potentially her family.

Where can people get it?
They can get it at local bookstores, or at the following online stores: 
AmazonCBDBarnes & Noble

Do you have any advice for young writers?
If you’re serious about writing, then read voraciously the kind of book you want to write. What works? What don’t you like? What would you change? Then get some books on how to write, either from a library or buy them. A couple great ones to get you started are James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure and Brandilyn Collins Getting into Character. Novel Ideas is another one filled with articles by dozens of published Christian authors including me. Then sit down and write. A lot. Then write some more. Between the reading and writing you’ll begin to learn the craft and see if you really like the discipline of writing. 85% of people want to write a book. A much smaller percentage write. And an even smaller percentage finish a book and get published. 

Do you have any final thoughts? 
No matter how crazy our dreams seem if we entrust them to God, in His timing He will bless them.
Thanks so much for having me. Readers can read first chapters of my books on my website:   
I also love to connect with them on Facebook, Twitterand Pinterest. 

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  1. Yay! Cara Putman! I took a writing class with her at my local co-op. She's awesome!