Saturday, July 7, 2012

Announcement Saturday: Goal of 90 update

We now have 77 followers! We only need 13 more followers to reach 90.  When we do, we will be giving away a copy of Amy Wiley's book Bring your Writing to Life and * drum-roll* Hannah Mills will be giving away a copy of both Called and Plague of Darkness. More prizes may be added so check back next week. So spread the word and tell your friends to follow Homeschool Authors.

Authors Added
Sarah Brown
Jordan Smith

Books Added
Caralyst ZX-10 by Luke Alistar
Deep Water by Luke Alistar

Featured Book

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  1. I've been lurking about your blog for a long time now. When I saw your post today, I decided to join as a follower. I enjoy reading about these aspiring authors!