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Rebekkah Snyder!

Welcome to Homeschool Authors!  Introduce yourself to.
My name is Rebekah and I grew up in a town in Ohio that you've probably never heard of. Then my call to missions led me to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (and yet another town you've never heard of) where I'm living out my dream of writing and ministering to junior high aged girls. I'm a lover of fairytales and books in general. Oh, and I'm the author of Beyond Waiting.

What was the best part of being homeschooled for you?
I loved the flexibility in my schedule and that I could work at my own pace and choose which subject I wanted to tackle next. I was always finished long before public school kids got home, and since I didn't have any additional homework, I had time to do whatever I really wanted to do - like write!

What inspired you to start writing?
I've been telling stories all my life without ever truly realizing it. They played out in my mind or through my dollhouse characters and flowed from my lips as I tucked my younger siblings into bed. I'd created "books" as a child, but didn't get truly serious about writing until I was nearly fourteen and was introduced to a new curriculum called Writing Strands. The curriculum was geared toward students who don't like to write, so I always finished my assignments early, but what I loved most about this curriculum was that it inspired creativity. Unlike my Language and Grammar books which confined me to short expositions or topics in which I had no interest, Writing Strands encouraged me to write stories - stories about whatever I desired. And when my mom started commenting on my dialogue and storytelling abilities, it made me want to thrive in this new-found gifting.

What caused you to write Beyond Waiting?
Ironically, Beyond Waiting is not a work of fiction. (Trust me, when I felt called to write this book, Jesus and I had words about that.) And surprisingly, I can't remember the exact details that began this long journey. I know that I was talking with a friend about her search for Prince Charming and she was lamenting about how discouraging it is to wait for Mr. Right to show up. While I can't even remember who that particular friend was, I do remember with most clarity punching the phrase "definition of the word wait" into my Google search box. And the answer I found is what permanently altered the next two years of my life.

What I found was seven definitions of the word "wait" that made me go, "Ugh. This is what waiting is? Well, it's no wonder we aren't content to be single!" I decided that the world needed to hear this message about waiting, and since no one else was stepping up to the task... 

What is it about?
Simply put, Beyond Waiting is about NOT waiting for Prince Charming. It goes through those seven (rather depressing) definitions of the word "wait" and reminds us that we were made for so much more than merely waiting. It's a book about romantic relationships, with the main focus being on making Prince Charming less of our focus and allowing ourselves to get caught up in the amazing life God has for us in this moment - while we are yet single. There's a lot of emphasis on fairytales throughout the book because I believe those stories have shaped our views on life and love and relationships. But the point I try to get across in the usage of these fairytales is that "happily ever after" is only the ending and that the true romance, excitement, and adventure lie within the "once upon a time." Beyond Waiting is a call to live the side of the fairytale that we often overlook.

Where can people get it?
Right now, Beyond Waiting can be found on and

Do you plan to write more books?
Absolutely. I was actually in the middle of my first novel when God so rudely interrupted and sent me on this much-needed journey of a lifetime. (Jesus is cool like that.) Now that I'm finally finished with this process, I'm back to working on this piece of YA fiction (which I'm super excited about and hope to share with you in another year or so). I still believe that I'm a fiction writer and I have a lot of stories up my sleeve, but I'm also coming to terms with the fact that God is not finished using me to write non-fiction either. Still, I really think that a novel is going to be the next thing that pops out of me.

How does your faith affect your writing?
The same way it affects my life - it pops up in the most unexpected places. My faith and I can't be separated, so naturally it spills out upon the things that I write. It's funny, actually, because I don't realize what an affect it has until I go back and read what I've written. When I completed the first draft of Beyond Waiting, I thought I would go back and add some Bible verses to back up the truth I was sharing. Imagine my surprise when I found scripture references sprinkled all throughout my manuscript! I hadn't even realized I was doing it; it came so naturally.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share?
You, dear reader, are a complete person with your own thoughts and dreams and unique personality. And while it's natural to dream of being married someday, you don't have to make that desire the focus of this day. It's time to leave Prince Charming in the future where he belongs. It's time to discover your purpose and live it with passion. It's time to trust that God really does have every single aspect of your life in His hands and He will not let you down. Even if you never read my book, I hope you'll walk away from this interview knowing that your dreams were not meant for someone else to fulfill. They are something that you have to be willing to fight for. Live the journey, embrace the moments, and believe that every season of life is a gift to be cherished. Yes, even the season of singleness.

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