Saturday, June 23, 2012

Announcement Saturday: 21 new Books

Fun Freebies

Authors Added
Gregory J. Downs
Scott Appleton
Amanda Bradburn

Books Added
The Fallen Star by Rachel Starr Thomson
The Brother Thief by Gregory J. Downs
Winter Warrior by Gregory J. Downs
Grym Prophet by Gregory J. Downs
Golden Tide by Gregory J. Downs
Dire Sparks by Gregory J. Downs
Storm Kings by Gregory J. Downs
(six books in one) Song of the Aura by Gregory J. Downs
Mordred by Gregory J. Downs
Ghostwalker by Gregory J. Downs
Shadowbreak by Gregory J. Downs
New Way to Win by Gregory J. Downs
Dreams of Steel by Gregory J. Downs
Swords of the Six by Scott Appleton
Offspring by Scott Appleton
Key of Living Fire by Scott Appleton
By Sword, By Right by Scott Appleton
The Child Death Could Not Take by Scott Appleton
Keepers of the Elenath by Amanda Bradburn

Featured Book
The Heavens Declare

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