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Interview with Katie McCurdy

Welcome Katie, would you tell your readers a little bit about yourself? 
Hey Sarah! Yeah, I sure can! Well, let's see....I am the third oldest in a family of 10 kids. I was homeschooled and graduated almost two years ago now (wow, can't believe that!) I spend much of my days either doing things around the house or on the computer.
 I am a reader--I always stick the book I am currently reading in my purse when going out (never know when you'll have a few idle moments!). I am a blogger--I post almost daily on Legacy of a Writer( And, last but not least, I am a writer--I am currently working on a medieval suspense entitled The Princess' Assassin and just last month I published a historical fiction novelette on Kindle called A Time To Love.

What is one of your favorite homeschool memories?

Hmmm....I'd have to say it was the days we went to co-op. The homeschoolers who live in this area got together and started a co-op where we meet once a week to do extra-curricular activities that we usually don't do at home; like drama, P.E., history, crafts, ect. 2010 was a great year at the co-op, and I was part of an awesome volleyball team there. It was always SO much fun and something I looked forward to each week. :-)

How did you start writing?
I've always loved thinking up or creating my own storys. I can't remember exactly how it happened, but one day (probably when I was around 11 or 12) my mom encouraged me to start writing a book. I couldn't tell you what brought about her promptings, but I was kinda like "Yeah, okay, that'd be fun...maybe one day when I'm an 'adult'."

But then, Just a few weeks later, I read a book written by a 16 year old homeschooler, Avery Hitch. And it was so good! I remember reading the back--about the author--and just thinking "Well, if she can do it...why can't I? Even though I'm not an 'adult'?" So! Needless to say, I started writing! :-)

How is your currant work in progress coming and what is it about?
Right now I am working on a medieval suspense that is kind of a fantasy as well. I say "kinda fantasy" because the only thing that's fantasy about it is it's in a made-up kingdom. Trinovia. And as for what it is about...why don't I just give you the synopsis?

Can the man who destroyed her life restore it once more?

When a mission of mercy nearly ends in a kidnapping, Princess Olivia’s life takes a drastic turn. In one night she witnesses the unthinkable when the kingdom of Trinovia is taken over by a sinister man who destroys everything she holds dear. Doomed to a forced marriage and life as a captive within castle walls, Olivia escapes into hiding.

But one man stands in her way—a paid assassin hiding a tortured soul. Wulf’s only aim was to complete his mission. No feelings involved. He never imagined it would stir emotions he wanted left buried, and memories he wished to abandon.

In a fight for their lives, Olivia and Wulf must overcome murder, betrayal, abductions, sword fights, slavery, and duals…all while trying to save the kingdom.

Also, if you're interested in watching the book trailer that a friend of mine made, you can check it out at

What our your two published works about?
I self-published my first book, a historical fiction, when I was 16. It's called Journey of Faith and it's about a young woman in the mid-1800s who's family suddenly moves out west to Wyoming. I'm happy to say I've come a long way, writing-wise, since I published this book, but those who've read it said they've enjoyed it. It's focused more on the pre-teen/teenage level.

Then I just recently (the end of December 2011) published a novelette on kindle, A Time to Love. It's another historical fiction, set in the years after the War Between the States. I was really excited about publishing this one, since it was a short story that I wrote several years ago. A few months ago, I was exploring some of my old files, and stumbled across it. I'd always liked the idea behind the story plot, so decided to re-write it (it needed it...badly!) and publish it as a novelette on Kindle, so it'd be at a more affordable cost for anyone who was looking for a quick, pleasant read.

Where can people get them?
Both Journey of Faith and A Time to Love can be purchased on Here's the links...

Journey of Faith - $12.99

A Time to Love - $2.99

Do have any final thoughts?
Ummm....nope! I don't think so! Except that I'd love y'all to visit me over at Legacy of a Writer. I talk about anything book related, so if you are at all a bookworm...we'll be the best of friends!!! :-D

Thanks so much for doing this interview with me, Sarah!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Katie! I often take books in my purse too. As you say, you never know when you'll have a few moments ... :)

    How do you name your characters? It's one of my favourite parts of writing, although my characters often seem to pop into my imagination with their own names!

    All the best with your new book!

  2. Hey Katie! I just want to say that I've seen you talk about the Princess's Assassin before on your blog and on Go Teen Writers. Each time I read your synopsis I want to read the book. It sounds really good!
    I also wondered, what Point of View do you write?
    Thanks for posting, Sarah and Katie!

  3. Hi Katie! Your books sound so great! How long does it normally take you to write a book?

  4. Sarah H - Thank you SO much for doing this fun interview and giveaway with me. I'm not very vocal about my publications...well, not as much as I should be. So, thank you! :-)

    Elisabeth - Haha, how cool! Yeah, that way I am always prepared in case I have a few minutes to spare. :-)

    Ohh, that's a tough one. A lot of times, it's a name that's just kinda been floating around in my mind around the time I write the storyplot. Like in The Princess Assassin, I just really liked "Olivia". So, the princess got that name. But, with the hero of TPA, it took me a while to come up with "Wulf". I knew that I wanted a short, sharp, bold name. He started out with the name "John", but since that was too 'modern'ish, I changed it to "Wulf". Which I know love! :-)

    Sarah F - Ohh, I would DEARLY love to have TPA completed, but I have not had much time to work on it this year.

    As for your question, I've always written in third person. On occasion, I enjoy the first person point of view, if the author does it right...but I don't think I would write it very well. And, besides, I enjoy writing third person. (That way I can head-hop between main characters :-)

    Anne - Oh! Now that's a loaded question, Anne! I would LOVE to say a year or two...but I'm going on two years with TPA and my first book, Journey of Faith, took me around 4 years.

    Yeah...I'm not so speedy in the writing department. :-P

  5. Hey Katie!
    Been looking forward to this interview, so it was nice to see it up!
    What do you think is the impetus for creating 'faux historical'; as in, made up kingdom, but not actually, really-truly a fantasy? Why is this appealing to authors?
    And is it appealing to readers? Do you as a reader enjoy this type of setting?
    I've been trying to get it figured out in my head: I tend to do it, too... and I'd like to know WHY?
    Hope your day is going well!
    Thanks for hosting these Sarah! Great job!

  6. Elizabeth - Well, I don't know why other authors do it...but I know why I do! :-P The Princess Assassin is a faux historical. I created the Kingdom of Trinovia, but besides that, it's all true historical.

    The reason I did this? Because then I didn't have to worry about fitting my adventure between other monarchs and whatnot. I had the liberty to create my own royalty. And since the main character is Princess Olivia, that made the job TONS easier.

    Now, from a writer's perspective, I like it. I enjoy reading medieval historicals that take place in made up kingdoms. Why? I'm not really sure...I just like it. :-) Take Tahn by L.A. Kelly. I *love* that series! And it all takes place in a fictitious place.

  7. Hooray for homeschool grads-I just graduated in 2011! You have me beat in the family size department though, we have 9 in ours. The Princess Assassin sounds really good and I can't wait to read it!
    Did you decide the title of TPA before or after you started writing?

  8. Hi Katie! :)

    What is your favorite part about writing?

    frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I can't think of any questions that haven't already been asked. I just enjoy reading and usually have a book close by, too. Keep up the good work.

    1. Not sure how I missed this one in my reply below. Sorry Sheila!

      Haha, I know, it's tough for me to think up questions, too. And everyone has been asking awesome questions so far!

  10. Abbi - Well, 9 is a big size for a family, too! To me, after you have 7 or 8...a few more really don't make a different---life is still crazy-busy! :-P

    Oh no, The Princess Assassin came WAY after I began writing the book. In fact, I *hate* having to think of a title. I am TERRIBLE at that! In fact, TPA originally had the title of Dawning Grace until a very good writer friend suggested something with a more dark and suspenseful feel to it. Thus, we came up with The Princess Assassin. :-)

    Melanie - Hey there! So glad to see ya over here. :-) favorite part? The action scenes!! When things are really pumping and everything is happening so fast that even I, as the writer, can't write fast enough to satisfy my curiosity of "what happens next". I get SO caught up in those scenes, its probably really funny to watch my facial expressions as I type away! :-P

  11. HI Katie! As I just earlier today was struck with a bit of inspiration to write an idea down that has been nagging me, my question is how often do get an inspiration for a book and do you let it linger for a while or is it a bit more of a spontaneous process as you sit and just write what comes to mind?


    1. Okay, I'm using this cool little "reply" section to respond from now on. Easier! ;-)

      That's a great question! For me, the thought stirs in my mind for several weeks before I put the idea down. For TPA, I just pondered the main storyplot for a while, before capturing it all in a Word document. Then I stuck it away for a few months (to finish something I was already working on) before diving into it. :-)

      Right now, I currently have a (in my opinion) really awesome idea for my next series. I haven't written it down yet, but each night and at odd hours during the day, I'm constantly doing plotting. Once I have the main storyplot set, I'll write it down to begin once I finished TPA.

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  14. Hi Katie,

    I'm a homeschool mom and love hearing about homeschool authors! I have been encouraging my daughter to become an author, she likes to write. She is 12 years old. Do you have any advice you could give her?


    1. Start writing! It's a long, hard process...but the earlier you start, the better.

      Read a lot! Whatever genre she wants to write in, have her read a lot of new books that write in that genre as well. Pay attention to the way the author writes, the depth they give the characters, and their story plot that captures the readers interest. No better way to learn then from the people who are already published!

      And, lastly, check out Go Teen Writers!!! It's a blog designed to help teen writers run by a young author, Stephanie Morrill. Each and every post on there is SOOOO helpful! :-)

  15. Hi Katie! Major congrats on having published two works! You go girl! =)

    Okay, so I have a question for you... Why did you decide to self-publish your literary works, and how did you go about doing so?


    1. Thank you! :-)

      Well, when I first started writing, I had no idea what I was getting into. I wrote Journey of Faith without ever connecting with another writer, a published author, or any critique partners (besides my sister!) So, when I finished, I didn't know what else to do besides self-publish the book. I didn't know how to go about getting a contract with a publisher.

      So, yeah, that's why I decided to self publish---at the time, that's all I knew! But, now that I've been so many awesome writers, authors, bloggers, and critique partners, I will definitely try to find a publisher to publish my books before delving into self-publishing again. :-)

  16. Hi, Katie...i love your blog and subscribe to it! You need a Kindle in your purse..then you'd never run out of a novel, and wouldn't need to remember your book!

    1. Ohh, that's a good idea! Yeah, my Kindle is PACKED full of books that I need to get day! :-P

  17. Hi Katie!! I finished writing a story not too long ago.... hoping to get it published! :D What kind of fiction do you like to write? I'm more of an adventure type person, but the story I had finished was more of the inspirational type. :) I would love to read your books!! :D

    1. Oh, you and I are alike, Jenna -- I am very much into adventure and suspense. :-) That's what I am currently writing, a medieval suspense. :-)

  18. Hi Katie! I want to know which book is your favorite and which is your least favorite. :)

    1. Ohhh! Emily, what a hard question! My favorite?? Hmm....well, I'd have to say one of my ultimate favorite series is Lisa Bergren's River of Time. Wowza! That was totally awesome!!

      And another two books I REALLY like are Ronie Kendig's Wolfsbane and Jody Hedlund's The Doctor's Lady. Both are AWESOME!

      Least favorite? Hmm....umm, I can't really name one. But..hmm...The Blackberry Bush by David Housholder was pretty...interesting and boring. :-P

  19. I always carry a book in my purse, too! I found the interview very interesting and I liked hearing what Katie liked best about being homeschooled. I guess my question would be- Is there anything you didn't like about being homeschooled.

    Thanks for the chance to win!